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Our Vikings: A Community Asset.

Much has been made about the Vikings and keeping professional football in Minnesota the last few years.  


Call us Rubes.  Call us Dupes for the Wilfs.


What you should call us a stronger community with an identity and opportunity.


The fans that gather virtually, in bars and restaurants, and homes across the state to cheer on the Vikings represents more than "sports fans".  It represents the community rallying around a cause.  Joining through common interests and bringing old and new friends together.


At, we've watched former strangers become the best of friends through this site from around the world.  The common bond of the Vikings, with all its triumphs and struggles, has allowed a greater community to emerge:  the identity and strength of a Vikings fan.


Don't let them kid you:  It's not what you wear, its not your flair; its your heart and pride in the Minnesota Vikings that makes you a part of the greatest fan base in the NFL.   Let's be honest:  shared struggle always brings people together. 


Up next:  time to break the Super Bowl drought, and how sweet it will be with our new Vikings friends we meet along the way.

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