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  1. Packers Suck!
  2. This....
  3. Oh Boo The Pack Lost
  4. Trashin the Pack
  5. Packers Jokes.
  6. Packers' loss stuns fans
  7. This years must have
  8. Matt Flynn is better than Brett Favre
  9. Become an NFL owner for 250 dollars (plus shipping and handling)
  10. Packers’ Desmond Bishop forgets ID
  11. Time Lapse Snow Removal From TCF Bank Stadium
  12. Favre to Peppers: “Beat the Packers”
  13. Favre leads Packers in win against the Viqueens...
  14. Packers could lose Barnett, Chillar
  15. Not much thrashing going on....
  16. Packers players questioned in alleged assaults
  17. Favre calls 2009 "the best season I've ever had"
  18. A Question For You Purple People
  19. Wis. man credits Packers loyalty for saving life
  20. Packer Old/New Uniform
  21. Packers Fan To Continue Drinking For 1 More Season
  22. L'il Johnny.
  23. The 10 Toughest Losses in Green Bay Packers Histor
  24. Domestic abuse arrest follows Packers loss
  25. Sweet Revenge?!
  26. Pack vs. Steelers
  27. Dom Capers keeps surprises coming
  28. Girlfriend revenge
  29. Al Harris and Aaron Kampman out for season
  30. Best Packer Joke Ever!!!!!!
  31. Detainees at Camp in Iraq Use Favre To Tease Wisconsin Soldiers
  32. The perfect storm
  33. Offense clears the air
  34. Dumb and Dumber
  35. The interactive Aaron Rodgers sack tracker
  36. Pack lose to previously winless Buccaneers
  37. Joke
  38. Favre trumps Thompson soundly
  39. What was Ted Thompson thinking???
  40. You Didn't Deserve that, Puker fans
  41. Cheese Balls
  42. Countdown to beatdown part 2
  43. Will the Pack be upsset again by the Lions?
  44. Green Bay Packers GM Ted Thompson: I thought we'd be better
  45. Jennings mirrors offense's inconsistency
  46. 3-4 defense sacking Kampman's impact
  47. One Green Bay perspective of THE Game.
  48. Typo, hilarious, or real t-shirt?
  49. MOVED: Bears fan's Cliff notes perspective of "THE GAME"
  50. Packers Blow and lose the Cincy!
  51. How to Talk to a Packer Fan...If you must...
  52. Interview of Mike McCarthy
  53. What's so great about Dom Capers?
  54. Packers 2009 preseason.
  55. Puck the Fackers!!!
  56. Favor
  57. Worst Packer fan's videos ever
  58. Child Abuse IV
  59. Packer "fans" are tarded II
  60. Packers sent high-level personnel to meet with Vick
  61. So stop it now
  62. Judas #4
  63. The Official Packers Fight Song
  64. The bell tolls for thee, Mr. Jolly
  65. Jennings just start of dealing
  66. 2 words
  67. The PPO Horse...
  68. Packers’ Fans Annoyed By Long Wait For Season Tickets
  69. Packers may allow corporate patches on practice jerseys
  70. Contract trouble in Pukerland?
  71. Nick Collins’ Father Passes
  72. Aaron Rodgers Radio Interview
  73. In 1976, the Green Bay Packers Promoted the Swine Flu Vaccine
  74. welcome back LOS
  75. Raji Admits To Positive Test In College
  76. Beware my Friends.. If you sign Favre...
  77. Packers Draft
  78. Packers' Thompson calls draft best way to build
  79. Mandarich: I Was Never Sober In Green Bay
  80. The Pack making big trades
  81. Mattwaukee
  82. Typical Packer Fan.
  83. darn the packers are looking Good already!!!! post if you agree
  84. Packers will have to give up 7th-round pick to Jets
  85. Capers joins Packers as defensive coordinator
  86. Favresexual
  87. Team studies ticket prices
  88. Ryan Grant loses $1,350,000.00 on overturned call
  89. Well Done Vikes...
  90. Something is wrong, I can't figure out what it is
  91. Funny Vikes Vs Pack Vids
  92. I talked the talk-- Now I will walk the walk
  93. The Vikings are 2.5 point favorites...
  94. Wanna Puke?
  95. Wow!
  96. Packers DE Jenkins likely out for season
  97. Plan B smack-talk; Open only in the event of Vikes win and Pack Loss
  98. Cheesehead quote....
  99. Alright Viking fans.. looking for an unbiased opinion..
  100. Dear Vikings Fans...
  101. Won't get fooled again
  102. I never realized how upset the Vikings were
  103. Green Bay council approves scalpers permit
  104. So do I have any bets on my Avatar and Signature on this game?
  105. Mike McCarthy has a (very) few words for Vikings off-season smack
  106. Packer pulls out "Don't you know who I am" defense
  107. Packer fan gets trashed in London (Great Story!!!!)
  108. **** the Packers!
  109. WOW! Packers Release Punter - (Not So Special)
  110. Packer Forum
  111. GB vs. Broncos recap on NFL.com
  112. How to Be a Green Bay Packer Fan
  113. GB v 49ers pre season comments on NFL.com
  114. Oh Ya baby
  115. Lambeau Field
  116. Foam Cheesehats and other stupid crap
  117. Typical Fudge-packer
  118. Rodgers trying to deal with pro-Favre crowd
  119. Bust Out Your PHOTOSHOP Skillz
  120. The Official Brett Favre Appreciaton Thread
  121. MOVED: Packers, RB Grant agree to extension
  122. Brett Favre's Jersey Number Is Reitired From Entire Universe by God
  123. Rodgers offers to not play for only $15 million
  124. Brett Favre: SI's Sportsman Of the Year
  125. Make sure to vote!
  126. Caption This
  127. Bus Cook pressuring Favre to return?
  128. Aaron Rodgers on Jim Rome 6/26
  129. Packers Contact Jason Taylor
  130. Pack rated #1 .. Per ColdHardFootballFacts.com
  131. Packers Mini-Camp Video
  132. Aaron Rodgers Sunday Interview
  133. Brett Favre
  134. Marstc09 on packer forum........
  135. State: Man scammed fans on Packers tickets
  136. Great Packer Jokes
  137. The 2008 GreenBay cheerleaders
  138. Packer Practice Video 5/29/08
  139. Since Brett Favre was Quarterback.
  140. Comments from PackersNews.com on Jared Allen
  141. Favre back to work?
  142. Conn. boy finally takes off Packers jersey after 1,581 days
  143. Packer Post Draft Party
  144. Did anyone else notice this?
  145. Your worst Nightmare.
  146. Another reason Packer fans should be worried about Rodgers...
  147. Most annoying video ever
  148. Guess What QB the Pack Are Bringing In
  149. Who has the best pass rusher in the division?
  150. Who is vikesrule on packerforum.com?
  151. Video tribute song, I know it is Favre, but it is kind of funny.
  152. Packers early schedule no cakewalk
  153. Great Video for Vikes fans everywheres.
  154. Vikings suck!
  155. Favre re-thinking retirement
  156. Packer Fans need a life
  157. Packer Fan Site Mock Draft - Nice pick, Dumb comment
  158. Farve False Hope
  159. Packers GM Thompson named Executive of the Year
  160. NFL, Favre aren't playing fair..
  161. Wow Here's a shocker! Packers to retire #4
  162. Vomit
  163. Packers Tell Fans They Gave Favre To A Nice Farm Family
  164. BangCartoon.. Favre Sendoff..
  165. Cheesehead Retirement Community
  166. Aaron Rodgers to Announce His Retirement Decision Within Weeks
  167. More Stupid Packer Fans Doing Something Stupid
  168. ESPN Analyst tears into Favre
  169. Wisconsin Hottie...
  170. Packer Fans Rejoice
  171. This old man...
  172. Bob Costas, O.J. Simpson Analyze Debut of Brett Favre as Green Bay Packers Quart
  173. "Packer People" try to vote two weeks early
  174. Packers keeping an eye on starting QB for 2020 season
  175. Nice Read Asshole!
  176. Najeh Davenpoop's got nothing on this Sconi
  177. Jim Marshall shows man-love toward Favre
  178. Moss Rips The Pack
  179. Come on, Brett, just say it. You'll be back
  180. Packer Fans Still Riled Up Over Farve Throw
  181. Favre Excuse-O-Matic
  182. Man tries to stab girlfriend after the packers loose.
  183. Al Harris(Whoopie) squeals like a pig
  184. I think I am going to hang out here for a week or so...
  185. Seriously, are you guys that pathetic?
  186. Dilemma of a Vikings fan in Canada
  187. You're a Packers fan, son. Got it?
  188. Packers verse Vikings...
  189. Attempted Objective look at Giants vs Pukers
  190. Psychotic, Pathetic, or Devoted? You make the call
  191. This Is Absolutely Scary!!!
  192. Dynasty brewing in Green Bay?
  193. Eli vs Favre
  194. 08 Packers
  195. Not sure which will be more painful
  196. Great Value for your dollar cheesediks
  197. Packers vs. SeaChickens
  198. Packer fans always come out in the thousands when they are winning!
  199. Believe it or not, Favre isn't loved by all
  200. Cheeseheads pay $150 for knit caps
  201. They may be called Cheeseheads...
  202. I knew it!
  203. How can you not like this guy
  204. Well, Well... The Vikes are making a run....
  205. Billy work
  206. Greenway?
  207. shows how good packers are
  208. Who are you rooting for tonight... Packer or Cowboys?
  209. Funny Favre Video
  210. MOVED: We're going to the Playoffs boys!!!
  211. Jumping ship and becomming a Viking Fan?
  212. Hmm..
  213. A truth... from a Packer Fan..
  214. It's not the Packers I hate...It's their fans!!
  215. Fellow Packer Fans.... Show Respect Please...
  216. Packers at Sears
  217. MOVED: Can you stop Favre and the passing game?
  218. The Stupidest People You'll Ever Meet
  219. From another Post.. Sharper isn't a glory hound??
  220. Anti-Packer source material needed
  221. Congrats Boys and Girls...
  222. Viking Offseason 08'
  223. Even Washington is praising Brett!
  224. Brett Favre Foils Al-Qaeda Plot to Bomb Brett Favre
  225. On a serious note.. Well done!
  226. Is Brett Favre the all-time greatest black QB?
  227. Ok.. now that all the trash talk is over
  228. Vikes logo
  229. Vikings-Lions Tecmo Bowl
  230. Ok so here I am!
  231. The Favre intercetion & fumble tracker
  232. Packer "fans" are tarded
  233. Warp a Packer Back
  234. Man arrested at Lambeau Field after parking truck, running away
  235. BollyPack
  236. Child Abuse III
  237. The Green Bay Packers Understand The Internet
  238. News from Packers training camp
  239. Packers Fans Sentenced for Locking Son in Filthy Room While Watching Game at Cas
  240. Green Bay Packers Fan Pays $147,000 a Year for 331 Season Tickets
  241. The 40 top things you would NEVER hear a Packer Fan say
  242. The BEST T-Shirt ever!
  243. Brett Favre Brakes Leg Golfing
  244. Child Abuse II
  245. Favre's a chicken
  246. Packers Season Ticketing waiting list has 74,000 people on it
  247. Typical Packer Wedding
  248. Dysfunctional Family Circus
  249. Favre fan gets owned!
  250. Packer T-Shirt