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  1. a packers fan who couldn't find a sheep...
  2. Please watch and learn
  3. If you think that you hated Favre before....
  4. Talk all you want Vikequeens
  5. Packer "Fans" Are Still Mad at Mooning
  6. Madden Loves Favre
  7. The Slackers and The Bucs????
  8. 4th and 23
  9. To hate this much
  10. Thanks for the memories Brett!
  11. PACKERS in the post-season...
  12. Farvee worship at a sickening level...........
  13. After all this, the PACKERS are one w/ the VIKINGS!!!! HA! HA!
  14. Packer's Christmas Carol
  15. LoL...you think this is a Packer fan acting?
  16. Why we all think Cheeseheads are gay..
  17. Typical Packer Fans
  18. Favre still in chase to set NFL INT record
  19. favre = loser!
  20. Packer Trashing
  21. Child Abuse.
  22. Candidate touts sex with Packers in campaign
  23. Happy B-Day Favre-Tard!
  24. The lamest site ever...but #1 for Packer fans!
  25. Cheeseheads Worship Buddha and Win Millions
  26. Cheeseland brain trust continues
  27. Packer Amber Alert...
  28. Convert one evil Packer fan from their false-idol worship today!!
  29. Packers Win!!!!
  30. Koren Robinson Promises His Next Drunk-Driving Incident Will Outdo Steve Foley's
  31. The Brett Favres 1000 excuses
  32. Introducing "FAVICODIN"
  33. Where Do I start with the packers?
  34. Getting rid of packer fans
  35. raping corpses follow up
  37. Packers tickets losing luster?
  38. It never ends in Packerland
  39. packer fans stupidity
  40. Aaron Rodgers confident he can be the next Brett Favre
  41. Packers going 0-16 is it possible?
  42. MOVED: Manning vs. Manning......Big Deal!
  43. MOVED: Bears not impressive...
  44. MOVED: Predictions for Monday???
  45. Green Bay already looking bad...
  46. What do people from WI do when they can't find sheep?
  47. Another Packer Fan Humiliates Self
  48. Cut Farve NOW!
  49. Delusional fans
  50. The Packers could be contenders if........
  51. pack fans love to see farve
  52. Wisconsin continues commitment to stupidity
  53. Packer Fans=Morons
  54. Good News For Packer Fans
  55. Packers Scrimmage
  56. bROOKLYN??
  57. talented packers? what a joke
  58. one thing i never realized
  59. McCarthy wants more discipline from Favre
  60. Favre A Brilliant Marketeer?
  61. This is HILARIOUS!!!!
  62. Music Video For Packer Fans
  63. Packer Fans are Baby's
  64. Packers own the Vikes
  65. Favre rants
  66. I hate Wisconsin so much, I just keep mentioning it !
  67. Sconnie Wedding of the Year!
  68. WI man "Tricked" out of $40
  69. Wisconson, home of this site
  70. Three Packer starters absent from secondary
  71. reminded today why I hate wisconsin/packers
  72. I was in the pool?
  73. New Farve/Rogers photo
  74. The Packalope
  75. Article about Favre tells what Viking fan already knew!
  76. For My 700th post, a pic!
  77. Big Head
  78. Packers introduce 1st rounder-Rocky Dennis
  79. My turn to Trash Farve
  80. ***OFFICIAL Brett Favre is a Turd***
  81. Who the heck is Favre going to throw to next year?
  82. The Packers are the favorites now!! Viking fans b afraid!
  83. Packers plan on 1st overall pick in '07
  85. The "Packers Suck" Photo Album
  86. Favre Retireing Pro/Con
  87. Packer's to Favre: Take your time A$$hole
  88. G-Unit
  89. Green Bay is the second dumbest city in America!
  90. brett favre's beard
  91. Brett Favre Is An Even Better Man Than You Think
  92. more favre goodness
  93. Green Bay announces, they are updating uniforms also.
  94. officialbrettfavre!
  95. Mike Mayock/NFL Network Draft...
  96. Take That Lombardi...
  97. Wisconsin is...
  98. Most out ragous Packers suck pictures.
  99. Lord Favre's retirement?
  100. Brett Favre Should've Retired Last Year!
  101. J. Walkers step-daddy
  102. Hilarious post at Packersnews forum
  103. Packer fans predictions for 06 season
  104. Favre coming back
  105. This one of the funniest songs I've heard
  106. Once Again..
  107. slacker fan bulbs
  108. BBQ's Offseason Report from Green Bay!!!
  109. Wisconsin in flames!!!!!!
  110. Who is your most hated pack player?
  111. Thanking the Pack for worse trade then ours
  112. FAVRE RETIRES!!!!!
  113. Favre v Ice cream
  114. Funny Packer Pic
  115. Packer fan mating
  116. Caption Fun
  117. Packers and Bates Part Ways
  118. Packers New 2006 Schedule :)
  119. Favre the sexiest man in the NFL?
  120. Packers dropped from league!
  121. Favre victim of stolen identity
  122. Packers finalize their coaching staff.
  123. Safe Sex!!
  124. Aww... how cute *tear*
  125. Packers Cheerleader Tryouts
  126. Thanks 4 the memories FAVRE!! You'll be missed
  127. Cheer Up Packers Fans
  128. We're not very well liked
  129. Wisconsin Man Pleads No Contest to Cattle Relations
  130. Bird dung on my TV screen
  131. Packers leading the NFL...
  132. Favre leading the NFL...
  133. Its True
  134. New Packer Joke
  135. email from Favre
  136. With the first pick in the 2006 NFL draft........
  137. GHOST SEX !!
  138. Not as much fun.
  139. More justification in hating Favre!
  140. Good Chuckle
  141. Funny pick of Favre and Madden
  142. Why Farve, WHY?
  143. Packers lose again
  144. Sweeeppppp!!!!!
  145. Fan who took ball from Favre sentenced to probation
  146. Season Record for Arrests, Ejections at Packers-Vikings Game
  147. Packer Funeral
  148. Packer Day After Medicine...
  149. FU-PAS!
  150. VH1 announces a new "Where are they now" episode featuring..
  151. Hey scott72
  152. A sea of hillbilly orange in the stands
  153. Brett Favre 13-14 all time vs Vikes
  154. Hard data on the Packers for discussion...
  155. BEWARE!!!!
  156. Top Things I hate about the Packers
  157. RETARDED !!!!
  158. Why doesn't Milwaukee have a pro football team ??
  159. Who's going to Green Bay?
  160. packer week: round 2
  161. Viking Hater
  162. word association to get ready for next monday's game
  163. Is he serious?
  164. Going to Lambeau
  165. packers
  166. Packer Toilet Paper???
  167. Prepare for waves of Pack trolls!!! Man your battlestations!
  168. Packers played great today!
  169. Packer Beer
  170. This week's Headlines....
  171. Listen to Pack Fans Booing
  172. "Favre Should Retire"
  173. New Packer Headlines
  174. Debate with Packer fans on Brett Favre and cheating on Wife
  175. Favre has been picked off 5 times today!!
  176. Cincy loves the NFC North
  177. Packer Headlines
  178. A Rant
  179. You got the RIGHT STUFF, baby!!!!
  180. You can't defend a perfect pass
  181. In honor of their season...
  182. WOW
  183. Packer Fans - quit whining about injuries!
  184. Packer mobile crushed
  185. We are not the worst in the North
  186. IN YO FACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  187. Priceless
  188. HEY FAVRE! how's the cellar this year???
  189. Makes sense
  190. Viking fans cheer up
  191. If the Vikes don't beat the Pack...
  192. What does your daddy do?
  193. A lesson for the day.
  194. This is for everyone.
  195. Custody
  196. Packers vs Vikings
  197. australia helps packers keep track fo there favorite sheep
  198. Why do Vikings fans HATE the Packers?
  199. A fine example of Wisconsin manhood.....
  200. you hate brett favre because.................
  201. A Viking fan a Packer fan and Cindy Crawford
  202. Research shows Packers to be the dumbest team in the NFL.
  203. The Pack chokes on MNF! Moves to 0-4
  204. Our bye week
  205. May he misfire to the best of his abilities
  206. I'M BACK!!!!!! Packers, too!!!!
  207. Good Joke
  208. Funny Favre Article
  209. Our predictions were half-right!
  210. Favre a horrible mentor?
  211. Media man crush on favre
  212. Headlines for the 0 - 3 Pack
  213. Packers are 0-3?
  214. Packers going to superbowl in 06?
  215. In your dreams
  216. At least we're not the pack
  217. Draft Bowl 1 Oct. 23rd, 2005??!
  218. So I leave you guys for a couple years and...
  219. Don’t forget about me…
  220. New Excuse Made For FavRay - Indoor Weather
  221. New feeling
  222. Favre Teabagged
  223. To Chokes his Chicken!
  224. New Model "Packers Tailgating Hummer" This thing is all set,
  225. Local radio promo
  226. Stunning
  227. BO-(lo)-NO
  228. PLEASE HELP ME!!! URGENT!!!!!!!!
  229. please help me harass some packer fans.
  230. Titans v.s. Packers
  231. Favre's Family Thread & issues
  233. Forgot about this: Ahman Green could miss games?
  235. Did ya hear about....
  236. WooooW!
  237. This just in...the Pack suck!
  238. Pack being Punked by New England
  239. Captain Favrelous???? What has this world come to?
  240. Great article slamming Green Bay.... critical of Favre!!!!!
  241. St. Favre??
  242. What the F***!???
  243. Drink the Kool Aid, Packer Fans...
  244. Change packers name
  245. video compilation of packer fans
  246. Bored Pack Fans | Early Troll Warning System in Place
  247. The Terrible Hateful Packer Rant of 2005
  248. Any old school Packer fans still out there?
  249. couldn't you see some packer fan sayin this....
  250. Packers Cut Defensive Savior