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  1. Robert Meachem, WR looking at Vikings
  2. Charles Grant
  3. What happened to the love for Jamaal Anderson?
  4. Stay Put, Trade Up, Trade Down
  5. Should we draft Dwayne Bowe?
  6. Draft Party! Draft Party!
  7. Ian Scott a solution
  8. The Window for Calvin Johnson has been opened
  9. Moss & Rosenthal Update
  10. My revised 1st round mock
  11. Fans opinion...
  12. Team Needs
  13. NFL Team Interests, (Vikings included)
  14. MOVED: Calvin Johnson To The Saints???
  15. Will the loss of Tomlin affect the Viking Draft Board regarding DBs?
  16. Are WRs perceived value distorted by their QBs skill?
  17. Mini-camps start Monday!!!
  18. Could Chris Draft fill the hole at MLB for the Vikes?
  19. If only the rumor about Johnathan Vilma being available were true!
  20. Whos Left at WR
  21. Did We Get Anything We Wanted This Off Season??
  22. LSU Pro Day - Russell, Landry, Bowe, Davis
  23. My Draft Strategy
  24. Vikings sign Henson to 1 yr deal
  25. Gaines Adams scheduled for pre-draft visit
  26. Kipers New Mock!!!
  27. Notre Dame CB to come in for workout
  28. MOVED: Lions sign Mcdonald
  29. What about a RB in the draft?
  30. Another boring Vikes offseason
  31. MOVED: 2007 Draft Bust
  32. MOVED: lets face it
  33. Vikes09 Prospect Analysis
  34. Critique Vikings 2006 Draft & FA
  35. vikings looking at ian scott cato june and nick harper
  36. WOO HOO
  37. Vikings are interested in former Bears starter
  38. How does Grant Winstrom soundd?
  39. Should we try to get Keenan McCardell?
  40. Which Defensive End Would You Take ?
  41. It's Their Plan, And They're Sticking To It (All Read this one)
  42. Young Free Agents Anxious to Join Vikings
  43. Vikes tanking it to move to L.A.?
  44. Vikings after G Edwin Mulitalo (Ravens)
  46. O/D line
  47. Kato June, how come no word on him?
  48. Lets Face It where not getting Calvin Johnson
  49. Wistrom available as a free agent. What do you think?
  50. Vikings with 3rd highest cap space to start FA
  51. Other than Calvin Johnson
  52. Del, whats your View of the upcoming Draft?
  53. Bethel Johnson an Eagle
  54. Real Football says Vikes might trade pick
  55. john wendling anyone?
  56. Will He Slip Through The Cracks?
  57. Merged: You say UP, I say DOWN
  58. McCareins and Barton
  59. What are the Vikes doing?
  60. Bobby Wade's a Viking
  61. MOVED: Stallworth Rumor
  62. Vikings look to youth, Draft to bulid!
  63. Left Overs Anyone?
  64. Napo signs with Chefs
  65. Some insider info from Mr. Magoo....
  66. With few available receivers, Vikings turn attention to Wade
  67. Matt Spaeth?
  68. We should fire childress and...
  69. Available receivers
  70. Jef Garcia
  71. Chilldress coments on Quinns workout
  72. MOVED: Lions acquire Bell & Foster from Broncos
  73. My first 1st Round mock draft
  74. No FAs visiting Winter Park today.
  75. MOVED: Good Day Not To Be a Bucs Fan
  76. Please dont let Garcia go to the Raiders
  77. Will the Vikings draft LaRon Landry?
  78. So -- How will the Vikings screw up in the draft this year???
  79. Tank officially rolls back onto roster
  80. The V boys.........
  81. Bucs sign Garcia, also close deal on Plummer
  82. Shiancoe Signs
  83. Childress offically doesn't know his elbow from his butt
  85. McMicheal on trade block
  86. Dont't take a DE first round!!!
  87. If we cant get Graham...
  88. Remember back in the day when we had Moss, Carter, and Reed
  89. Why guards and their agents love the Vikings...
  90. What do you guys think about Justin Griffith or T.J. Duckett?
  92. Kevin Curtis a Eagle
  93. The official lack of FA signing vent thread..
  94. Tank Williams cut?!?
  95. You Can Cross Clements Off Your Wish List... Supposedly
  96. What do you think about signing Joe Horn?
  97. Vikes looking at Sammy Morris
  98. Merged: Shiancoe to visit
  99. Quaterback?
  100. Today’s spelling lesson: Shiancoe and Ciurciu
  101. Sean Jensen just on KFAN
  102. Top 30 FAs.
  103. Vikings are intrested in Daniel Graham and others.
  104. What WR(s) Should we pick up in the FA.
  105. Gettin' Wiggy Wit It
  106. Moved Topics - Read Ultra's forum clarification
  107. Move Birk to Right Guard or Tackle
  108. Vikings KFFL tidbits (1-2 March 2007)
  109. Visits scheduled with Curtis & Shiancoe
  110. (Merged) Joe Horn Released by the Saints
  111. Jason Whittle no longer a Viking
  112. Free Agency!?!?!?!
  113. Graham Ready To Sign?
  114. Quinn Refuses Pro Day Interviews
  115. Nate Clements Anyone????
  116. Best FA reciever available
  117. MERGED: Vikings eyeing Graham? (or Lelie?)
  118. OMG OMG Joey Porter Released!!!
  119. Kerney on Vikings radar?
  120. Smoot released
  121. Patriots tender Gay
  122. Randy Moss a Vike again????? Speculation from KFAM
  123. Wiggins let go
  124. NFL puts everybody on the clock
  125. Rosenthal out
  126. $30 MILLION? Really?
  127. Get WR Eric Moulds in FA?
  128. Garcia interested in Raiders
  129. Will Wiggins get cut & Kleinsasser get a new contract?
  130. Moss To The Packers!!!
  131. For this year's free agents, timing couldn't be better
  132. Top 5 FA by position
  133. KFFL FA News (28 Feb. - 1 Mar. 2007)
  134. Big spending doesn't pay in free agency
  135. (Merged) Would moving Down in the draft be best?
  136. (Merged) the return of moss to the north?
  137. Hypothetical question
  138. Eric Moulds Released
  139. Merged: J. Lewis Cut
  140. Ravens waive Jamal Lewis
  141. updated list Vikings' FAs
  142. Rod Woodson's prediction on NFL Total Access
  143. Brad Johnson To Be Released Friday Reported By Adam Shefter
  144. Steve Smith-USC
  145. Vikings make offer for Shaub!!
  146. Viking Update .com Mock Draft!!
  147. 2010: The mock draft-TMQ
  148. Cash-rich NFL teams, beware: Not much worth buying
  149. Good Bye Fred Smoot NFL Network Reports smoot is done in minnesota
  150. Graham To Vikings????
  151. Napoleon Harris set to hit market
  152. Smoot to Redsticks?
  153. (Merged) Graham Is A Likely Target
  154. Merged: Matt Schaub... still a possiblility
  155. Could Timmerman be an upgrade at RG for a decent price?
  156. Calvin Johnson Tops Draft Boards, but Where Will He Go?[/
  157. Falcons offer $2M to Schaub
  158. Vikings expected to pursue Daniel Graham and Ashley Lelie
  159. Vikings talk with Moss
  160. Linebackers overcome obstacles
  161. Childress Already Eyeing Free Agent Receiver
  162. Quinn to Bucs?
  163. Darrell Jackson available?
  164. When to draft a quarterback
  165. Rumor: Lions, Cardinals talking trade
  166. Amobi Okoye Please be a Vike
  167. 2007 NFL Combine: Biggest Losers
  168. Trade Talks With Cleveland?
  169. your a F/A what would you do
  170. Who new in the qb position are we going to see next year??
  171. Bowe and Meachem
  172. Talent drops off after top 7 picks
  173. Vikings could be in rush for Gaines Adams
  174. Amobi Okoye & Anthony Spencer
  175. 2 top QBs at Combine both look like the real deal
  176. Seahawks hope to trade WR Darrell Jackson
  177. Vikings FA & draft: The search is on
  178. MOVED: Hello PurplePride
  179. Dwayne Jarret
  180. T.J. Houshmandzadeh wants to stay in Cincinnati
  181. Giants Set Sights on McGahee
  182. Gary Russell ready for NFL scouts
  183. Lovie wants Thomas Jones back
  184. Jake Plummer May Be Contemplating Retirement
  185. Corey Dillon will be released by Patriots
  186. Talks begin for new Birk deal
  187. Auburn WR Taylor talks to Vikings among others
  188. Brad Childress speaks at the Combine
  189. Cleveland wins the coin toss
  190. For all you 40 time worshopers...
  191. Browns win toss, will pick third
  192. Seahawks: Brown gets franchise tag
  193. SI Photo Gallery - Famous NFL Draft Stories
  194. Vikings likely to let Harris hit open market
  195. Assessing Ginn's speed, Carr's value, Quinn's future
  196. Redskins release safety Troy Vincent
  197. Ravens won't tag Adalius Thomas
  198. Oakland Cuts Brooks
  199. The Combine is underway!
  200. Kerney to void contract & become an UFA
  201. Vikings will take look at Quinn
  202. Leonard Davis anyone?
  203. Vikes possibly interested in Chris Brown
  204. Falcons to shop Schaub
  205. Free Agency Terminology
  206. Will Vikings select another wide receiver?
  207. Should we draft Ted Ginn
  208. Are you willing to trade up to #3 to get Calvin Johnson?
  209. MOVED: Donte Stallworth a Viking?
  210. Could Donte Stallworth be a Viking?
  211. Panthers begin offseason moves, release Al Wallace
  212. Freeny Franchised: There goes that dream
  213. Economic Prison for bad teams
  214. Lions would like to trade down #2 NFL Draft pick
  215. Packers sign punter
  216. i think our WR situation is not gonna change much this offseason
  217. Honesty Please
  218. Wouldn't it be great if we could get Sidney Rice in the 2nd round?
  219. RBC The Way Of The Future!
  220. Top 10 Draft Classes of 2006
  221. MOVED: DA BEARS Fan
  222. Bly?
  223. Official David Carr Thread
  224. WR "Path to the Draft" tonight
  225. Prospect to Pro comparison
  226. NFL Network Combine Broadcast Sched.
  227. C. JOHNSON RUNS 4.33-40
  228. Merged: Carr to Vikings?
  229. My Pre-Combine Mock Draft. Thoughts please!!
  230. New Mock Draft 2/13
  231. Lavar released
  232. Larry Fitgerald a Viking?
  233. Combine Shopping
  234. 2 Words: David Carr
  235. Giants Cut Three, Arrington, Morton, and Petigout
  236. 2007 NFL Free Agents
  237. 2007 NFL Draft Order
  238. London Fletcher anyone?
  239. Please post links to useful sites for the Draft and FA
  240. First Mock Draft
  241. From People that know jack- about Football...
  242. Booms and busts '06 free agents
  243. Trade UP!!!
  244. Trade Down!
  245. Mock Draft (Pre Combine/Free Agency)
  246. Top 20 Potential Free Agents
  247. Ryan Sims probably gonna get cut by Chiefs
  248. Free Donnie Edwards!
  249. Important Offseason Dates
  250. My Pre-Combine Mock Draft