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  1. Top prospects for 2008 NFL Draft
  2. Thigpen not moving
  3. Freya & Cagey on Vikings Weekly
  4. Vikings make questionable draft pick with Adrian Peterson
  5. Merrill Hoge predicts AP for ROY
  6. Packer Fans react to thier 1st round pick
  7. Vikings sign UDFA Jimmy Terwilliger QB----sleeper signing look at this resume
  8. We got laughed at for missing our pick at #7 a few years ago, BUT...
  9. Who SI thinks we will draft in 2008
  10. Recapping the 2007 draft (vikings.com)
  11. Vikings Draft Grades...
  12. About.com has The Vikings as the 2nd best in the draft.
  13. Veteran reciever options
  14. Vikings follow plan and nail their draft
  15. Rating Mel Kiper
  16. (Merged) Randy Moss + Patriots = Super Bowl Champ?
  17. zerO-Line help in the draft...
  18. vikings net best draft class in team history
  19. Get your Adrian Peterson Jersey!
  20. Josh Day
  21. Which team had the best draft?
  22. Keyshawn Johnson...
  23. No Surgery for Peterson
  24. Vikings KFFL tidbits (30 April - 10 May 2007)
  25. Closer, but not too close
  26. Childress and AP on KFAN
  27. Undrafted free agents
  28. Trade C. Taylor
  29. MOVED: Vikings Hall of Fame?
  30. Schrager gives us the fourth best draft
  31. Why do I get the feeling Childress is not big on rooks?
  32. MOVED: Greetings from Soonerland
  33. Post-Draft Press Conference
  34. The best #1 draft picks ever!
  35. MINI-CAMP??
  36. Time to sign a veteran WR?
  37. future QB
  38. Overloading on offense
  39. All Thigpen wants is a chance to show his stuff
  40. Late picks pass character checks
  41. Adrian Peterson carries heartache
  42. Adrian Peterson is cleared for rookie minicamp
  43. Mel Kiper Gives Us A B+
  44. Vikings UDFA
  45. Will Rufus Alexander be the next Zach Thomas?
  46. MOVED: Quinn to be a bust?
  47. The Definitive Word?
  48. Undrafted Free Agents -- Hopes & Reality
  49. Anyone have a link for a video of Tyler Thigpen or Chandler Williams?
  50. 2007 SOD predictions
  51. Thats the end of the draft, What do you think of our picks?
  52. Draft Coverate - ESPN vs NFLN - what did you prefer?
  53. What Happened?!?!?!
  54. Vikes on the clock in the 7th
  55. 6th Round Pick
  56. Merged: Vikes take Aundrae Allison
  57. Aundrae Allison It Is
  58. Pick 146 (RD 5) Aundrae Allison WR - E. Carolina
  59. Troy Smith anyone?
  60. Im in the Newspaper!!
  61. What happened to our 121st
  62. McNabb may be coming to Minnesota next year
  63. Vikings draft Brian Robison, DE with 102nd overall pick
  64. Sidney Rice
  65. The "Official" Vikings Day 2 Draft Thread
  66. Cajun wasn't in any of these Draft Party pics II
  67. Webby Jr.'s 1st Vikings Draft Party
  68. Draft Day 2007 Shenanigans
  69. MOVED: Raiders get Micheal Williams and QB Josh McCown
  70. ESPN sucked when it came to the Vikes and their second round pick!
  71. Which team got the best value in top half of Round One?
  72. Which Players on the board look good for Day Two?
  73. With the 72nd pick in the draft the Vikings pick?
  74. With the forty-forth pick in the 2007 NFL Draft the Vikings select Sidney Rice
  75. With the 41st Overall Pick, the Minnesota Vikings Select Dwayne Jarrett
  76. Olsen in the 2nd Round?
  77. Peterson Higlight Video
  78. Peterson from Madden '08
  79. MOVED: who?
  80. Phat Pat is getting old Alan Branch anyone1?
  81. best backfield
  82. Was that webby on ESPN?
  83. MOVED: Hello from a new Vikings fan!
  84. (Merged) Quinn falling in the draft
  85. Quinn will be a Green Bay Packer.
  86. Childress exercising the demons of '06?
  87. With the seventh pick in the 2007 NFL Draft the Vikings select ADRIAN PETERSON
  88. The "Official" Vikings Draft Day Thread - Day 1
  89. Vikings look to add to receiving corps in NFL draft
  90. No quick answers available for Vikings on draft day
  91. "Looking Back" On The 2007 NFL Draft: Adrian Peterson the Bust
  92. Hard to separate Smith, Jarrett
  93. NFL DRAFT: Now is the time for the Vikings to make a move
  94. Last minute mock
  95. Twas the night before the Draft
  96. Vikings: Another spin at No. 7
  97. Draft tracker
  98. why can't we get a good qb
  99. LaRon Landry is the pick according to Morris
  100. Vikings to trade Troy Williamson
  101. A couple draft stories on the status of CJ and Quinn
  102. (Merged) Vikings: Pass rush - Today’s topic
  103. Packers to try and get LJ?
  104. The Triangle Needs These For Perfect Draft
  105. Vikings to trade 7 pick for Braylon?
  106. Landry?
  107. Another Vikings Draft day trade rumor
  108. Like everyone else, Vikings speak in draft-ese
  109. Jim Souhan: Three heads not better than one
  110. NFL draft: Winning when nobody's looking
  111. Character crucial in NFL draft
  112. Vikings remain guarded
  113. Sean Jensen's Five things
  114. Draft Trade a reality?
  115. Two WR the Vikes are looking at... (Interesting)
  116. Arresting Developments...
  117. Vikings: QBs - Today’s topic
  118. Vikings need playmakers & lots of 'em
  120. Sid Hartman: Vikings want a star, even if on defense
  121. NFL draft: Return skill now an asset that can't be overlooked
  122. Tom Powers' five things
  123. Dante Hall.
  124. Don't say I didn't tell you so.
  125. Minnesota Drafting Problems?
  126. Highlights of either future viking!!!
  127. Spielman to speak on Thursday
  128. Oh Crystal Ball...
  129. Kirwan's final mock draft
  130. Sporting News Posts 5 Mock Drafts
  131. The Darrion Scott situation
  132. Vikings: Backfield depth - Tuesday's topic
  133. Vikings: Offensive line - Monday's topic
  134. Vikings need to draft new ‘face’ for ailing franchise
  135. Vikings could haul in pretty good one
  136. Patience sometimes pays at WR
  137. NFL draft: First-round receivers don't carry guarantees
  138. Bob Sansevere's five things
  139. Who is your late round gem?
  140. Hot prospects: David and Kenny Irons
  141. Jackson is solution, not problem, for Vikings
  142. Safety First (On Spielman)
  143. NFL draft: Top-flight safeties few in number
  144. Vikings weigh pass defense alternatives
  145. You are a draft geek if....
  146. Broncos want Calvin,trade is in works with Lions
  147. Vikes pick the pick
  148. Vikings: Pass-rushing roulette
  149. Trading up must add up
  150. No more Brady Quinn Talk!!!!!!!!!
  151. Today’s topic: Wide receivers
  152. The Official Draft Pick Thread
  153. Vikings WR Lowber Outruns Bullets, Leaps Tall Buildings
  154. Fantastic Draft Videos
  155. Owens re-signs
  156. Draft in 7 days, whats your take??
  157. "No idea what this team is doing"
  158. Browns Could Hold Key to Vikings’ Draft
  159. Vikings to trade for Bucs 4th pick?
  160. So far, Haddix fits like a glove
  161. Vikes ink next Gates?
  162. Calvin Johnson worth the price for Vikings
  163. Draft 28-29 April 2007.
  164. Youngest Player Ever To Be Drafted
  165. Being a minnesotan
  166. Adrian Peterson the next great Viking RB?
  167. T-Jack, Bollinger, or a rookie....
  168. Mock draft...we get AP!!
  169. Question from a Dolphins fan RE: Brady Quinn
  170. MOVED: My ACT scores are here!!!
  171. Opportunities?!
  172. Draft Scorecard (Draft Positions - Total - By Round)
  173. Vikings add WR (Cortez Hankton)
  174. Best 3 WR's after CJ
  175. Broncos to Release Wilson
  176. Vikes on the CLOCK!!!
  177. MOVED: newbie
  178. MOVED: cards vs vikings 03 depressign
  179. charles rogers
  180. Vikings Draft Preview
  181. CJ Impressed With Detroit
  182. a different approach to the many mocks....
  183. Ginns Workout results
  184. Vikings Draft Preview - Roto Times
  185. MOVED: Moss and Culpepper reunion?
  186. Vikings might have shot at Gaines Adams
  187. Vikings call together a crowd of potential draft picks
  188. The Official "Help TNT Make the Draft Party" Thread...
  189. Yo, Adrian ........ (Adrian Peterson)
  190. Viking Update .com Mock Draft!! ALL 7 ROUNDS!!!!
  191. Pick #7
  192. Denver Post: Detroit to shop #2 pick.
  193. Ryan Harris Ready to Tackle the NFL
  194. Draft Terminology and Hype Phrases
  195. New Mock has us taking Adam Carriker??
  196. Your guy on Day 2??
  197. Vikings pick up pre-draft pace
  198. Vikings KFFL.com Tidbits 4/5/07
  199. Vikings KFFL Tidbits (4 April 2007)
  200. USA Today Mock Drafts - 8 on one page
  201. Speilman interview on draft pick.
  202. Do recent Vikings signings signal their currently developing draft strategy?
  203. Could a trade be possible for Asante Samuel?
  204. Randy Moss was never this Good?
  205. Stay at 7
  206. LB Glenn Re-signs
  207. Vikings Sign Mike Doss
  208. vikings sign safety
  209. No. 7 pick offers many scenarios for Vikings
  210. Should ESPN change their Draft Coverge?
  211. DT BUBBA has entered the draft.
  212. Would anyone besides me love the pickup of SS Mike Doss from Indy???
  213. Could a Bears-Redskins Trade Help the Vikings?
  214. Preseason Schedule
  215. Darell Jackson a Vike?
  216. Kicker Nick Folk having fun under pressure - Are Vikings interested?
  217. Which collegiate player is over-hyped?
  218. I want to introduce myself. I am new to the community
  219. WR Moorehead will meet with Vikings
  220. Moulds has friend, fan in Vikings tackle
  221. Birk speaks up
  222. Darrion Scott isn't happy with Vikings' offer
  223. Vikings continue offseason program
  224. Chester Taylor to split carries???
  225. Haddix loosening hands for Vikings
  226. Do All Signs Point to Quinn?
  227. Dewayne Jarret!!
  228. Draft Day Pick'em from Vikings.com
  229. Think we should trade for Al Wilson ???
  230. Michael Silver's "From Bad to Worse"
  231. My thoughts on the draft
  232. Wilf asks for patience in rebuilding
  233. My 1st Mock Draft..and NO I am not quitting my day job,lol.
  234. Pick Brady Quinn or Not?
  235. MY Mock First Round Draft Day TOP 10
  236. Here comes the summer of Vikings fans' discontent
  237. Vikings draftneeds by PFT
  238. What if we didn't draft Chad Greenway?
  239. Vikings make 'casual inquiries' about Eric Moulds.
  240. My Post-Combine 2007 Mock Draft (Round 1)
  241. Texans Waive Carr
  242. Vikings still have shot at drafting Quinn
  243. Ready to begin Vikings carrer, Bobby Wade
  244. Vikings begin offseason program
  245. What about something different...
  246. Detroit to pull a double-trade-down?!!!
  247. steve smith in the 2nd or 3rd round?
  248. Vikings 'On the Clock' NFLN segment
  249. Vikings Mock Draft
  250. Possible trade for number one pick?