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  1. Mock Drafts: Inquiring minds want to know
  2. Vikings: Live Draft Day Journal - Day 2
  3. Vikings Draft Recap - After the Dust Settles - A Successful Vikings' Draft?
  4. Vikings still short on offensive tackles after NFL draft
  5. Booty family mirrors Manning family?
  6. Childress silences naysayers (me included !)
  7. NFL Total Access: Best team drafts in 2008
  8. what about FA's
  9. More FA QB options?
  10. Jags trade partially vindicates Vikings
  11. Rookie quarterbacks could make immediate impact
  12. UDFA:Update with list
  13. Rate our draft by grade
  14. Jaymar Johnson
  15. John Sullivan
  16. Singer's 3rd Anual Draft Party Cheerleader Pics - 2008
  17. NFLN vs. ESPN
  18. Letroy Guion????
  19. Vikes select John David Booty
  20. We are still in a position to Draft a good Qb in round 5
  21. 4th round pick
  22. Articles on Draft Party at Winter Park (Meet Jared Allen)
  23. (MERGED) Who's happy with Vikings draft choice in the second round?
  24. Best Prospects Left in Draft
  25. Why Tyrell Johnson Is A Beast
  26. Draft Day 2 predictions?
  27. Day 1 winners and losers
  28. (So far) Vikes fail to adress two pressing needs
  29. 2008 Draft Party Pics
  30. Vikings select Tyrell Johnson 43rd overall
  31. Brian Brohm?
  32. My Case for Jordy at 47
  33. MOVED: How well is Ray Edwards gonna be?
  34. Who do the majority want to draft in the 2nd round?
  35. Kevon's Crazy Predictions
  36. Kevoncox's Final Mock Draft!!!
  37. The future is now for Vikings
  38. What's Your Favorite Potential Draft Day Trade
  39. How Busy Will PPO Get Over The Draft Weekend?
  40. Tommy Blake. Worth the risk?
  41. Run DMC next AP?
  42. Pre-Draft party dinner pics thread
  43. Garland Greene's Updated Mock draft
  44. Would the Vikings give a second and a fifth for a starting CB?
  45. Dear Cincinnatti, We'll take Chad Johnson....
  46. Some second round projections
  47. Skums view on the draft
  48. How did the Vikings solve the Jared Allen puzzle?
  49. Vikings Pre-Draft Press Conference
  50. Vikings history, without a No. 1 pick
  51. Vikings will wait their turn and be happy about it
  52. Two Mock Drafts(After the Jared Allen Trade)
  53. Late Round/FA Steal?
  54. Interesting KC Web Post
  55. I still wish that the Vikes could draft this guy
  56. MOVED: No positivity!
  57. Today’s topic: Cornerback
  58. Vikings unlikely to draft RB - Today’s topic: Running backs (or lack thereof)
  59. 08 season (who should we draft?)
  60. Vikings Offseason 2008: Best Ever?
  61. Vikings Draft-Day Chronicles
  62. (MERGED) So now what do we take?
  63. Now that the excitement is over
  64. Vikes reach deal for Jared Allen
  65. IF Ocho Cinco is potentially worth TWO 1st rounder then why isn't Jared Allen?
  66. Breaking News Jared Allen A VIKING
  67. If we knew then what we know now....
  68. QB ?
  69. Top 5, Best and Worst Vikings #1 Picks
  70. Mel Kiper's hair is thining
  71. Today’s topic: Offensive line
  72. Vikings - Helping Hands
  73. Via trade or draft, Vikings need a DE
  74. Sansevere: 5 things to watch in the Vikings' draft
  75. Vikings need to score some playmakers
  76. Let's shock the NFL and not draft a DE !
  77. Can we get another South Dakota boy on the team?
  78. Later Round Safety; DJ Parker
  79. Should the Vikes trade BMac to the Eagles for Lito Sheppard?
  80. Today’s Vikings topic: Quarterbacks
  81. It’s ‘Mo’ time - Vikings in contact with Maurice Purify
  82. 1st pick or last, any shot will do - Vikings contact Victor Filipe
  83. NFL draft: Who gets picked?
  84. Blue Hen an odd duck for draft
  85. Vikings - Extend the Trend
  86. Report: Taylor wants out of Miami
  87. Friday night pre-draft party dinner at Joe Senser's
  88. How Would Allen change FA and the draft?
  89. Henches Hit List
  90. (Merged) Chiefs fan here...Jared Allen is a beast. You guys are so lucky.
  91. The OFFICIAL "Just to Tick Vikes_King Off" Jared Allen SUPER BOWL Thread!!!
  92. THE key to success!
  93. Vikings could just go...
  94. Vikings could go with big name in the first round.
  95. NFC North: Vikings continue to build
  96. Trevor Laws
  97. Calais Campbell "The Mystery Man"
  98. Vikings could go 19-0
  99. MOVED: ESPN's mock draft 1st round has us drafting Mike Jenkins..
  100. Vikings could go 5-7-4!
  101. Lion's Draft Focus On Harvey
  102. Vikings could go 0-4
  103. Well here goes nothing...Garland Greene's Vikings mock draft.
  104. Herrera becomes a Citizen!
  105. Defensive Draft Prospects
  106. Offensive Draft Prospects
  107. Baumy300's Mock draft - 04/14/2008
  108. Favre, AP on the same team??
  109. John David Booty wants on Vikes?
  110. Could the Chargers be a potential draft day trade partner for the Vikings?
  111. Cool article on Dennis Dixon.
  112. Why QB should NOT be looked at in the first round
  113. Vikings Team Report 04/14/08
  114. Vikings & the NFL draft: A field analysis
  115. DeSean Jackson - Worth it or not?
  116. 2008 Viking First Round Mock Draft (Actual possible choices)
  117. Brohm
  118. Draft Party In Fargo/Moorhead
  119. MOVED: I have found more informations here in the little time on here.....
  120. Is Merling the answer at DE?
  121. Ultimate Mock Draft IV
  122. Vikings could target DE, TE & perhaps a QB early in draft
  123. CNNSI Film Room is Back..
  124. 2005-2008, what a difference three years can make
  125. help me understand
  126. Don Banks' mock from SI.Com - Version 5.0
  127. The Quarterback Quandary
  128. Some bigwigs need to nail this draft to keep their jobs
  129. Should the Vikings consider trading up with someone like Denver?
  130. What if we were to go DE with our first 2 picks?
  131. Decision makers with most influence over draft
  132. jkjuggalo's New Improved Dream Draft (UPDATED w/ Trades)
  133. This is the DE we should take in the draft!
  134. Your Draft Predictions
  135. Vikings draft - Who's No. 1?
  136. Not YOUR Mock and the Vikings
  137. Vikings 2008 Draft Preview
  138. The NEW Draft Trade Chart
  139. Favre Rethinking Retirement
  140. April Fools Mock Draft
  141. KFFL Vikings tidbits (2 April 2008)
  142. Childress: Vikings won't look for a QB high in the draft
  143. (Merged) The Vikings staff being the Vikings staff!
  144. Best of the rest
  145. 1st round mock contest
  146. Raiders Looking to Trade Out of the 4th Pick?
  147. Vikings don't get compensatory picks
  148. Vikings Nab McNabb!
  149. Draft Tek Mock & Salty Roster
  150. Busy offseason could put Vikings over the top
  151. Here's another 1! Bleedpurple's 2 round Mock
  152. Marrdros 2008 Mock Draft (7 Rounds)
  153. Vikings KFFL tidbits (30 March 2008)
  154. Forget No. 1. Who will be Vikings' No. 2 guy?
  155. Vikings - What Goes Around...
  156. Kevoncox's 1st Round Mock Draft
  157. Vikings Defense Gets Attention in Second Wave
  158. NFLFN: McKinnie for Jason Taylor
  160. KWill, Birk, Griffin listed in All-Iron Man article
  161. Vikings KFFL tidbits (27 March 2008)
  162. Erin Henderson (OLB) - E.J.'s younger brother
  163. Vikings Team Report 03/27/08
  164. Future Pro Bowler: 8 minute highlight video
  165. LSU Pro Day Results
  166. Vikes' draft picks of the first 3 rounds by HEY (updated)
  167. Mckinnie tidbit
  168. Anyone going to the Draft in NYC on April 26th?
  169. (Merged) Stadium News
  170. (Merged) Possible Trade/Offseason?
  171. On the Clock: Vikings
  172. Farwell and Sapp Inked
  173. V's Ideal Draft
  174. Wiggy looking to get back in the NFL?
  175. Farwell signs tender
  176. Why not Brian Brohm?
  177. Official "Who's going to the 2008 NFL Draft Party?" Thread
  178. Giants Willing To Move Shockey
  179. Leber pleased Frazier will return
  180. CB Benny Sapp Visiting today
  181. Life without Bryant McKinnie
  182. Post your Vikings pick predictions
  183. Best Mock Draft ever......
  184. If our pick comes up at 17 and Matt Ryan and Derrick Harvey are long gone..
  185. Gray deal done with Texans, Sage deal next?
  186. Who Do we draft at DT.
  187. Who Do we draft at RB if anyone.
  188. Drafting a DE again!
  189. Vikings have their eyes on QB Matt Ryan
  190. NFL teams weigh Wonderlic tests
  191. Vikings - 2nd Wave of FA Provides Depth
  192. Draft, spring camps loom with new label for Vikings
  193. Update to our draft needs.
  194. Vikes also sign DT Kendrick Allen
  195. Should the Vikings trade up, down, or stay put with their No.17 pick?
  196. Sweet Draft Contest
  197. Michael Boulware set to visit.UPDATE: Signs along with Kendrick Allen
  198. Vikes could trade McKinnie for Peppers & Gross!
  199. Examining the Possibilities at Backup QB for the Vikings - Who would you prefer?
  200. Vikings add 3 more players
  201. Quinn Gray
  202. Skums latest mock draft..
  203. Vikings Team Report 03/18/08
  204. WTF...Frerotte???
  205. aaeyers' Offseason Needs Analysis
  206. Mountain Viking's 2008 Mock First Round
  207. Large Vikings contingent at B.C. Pro Day, Malcom Kelly to Visit
  208. James Hall...maybe???
  209. Vikings Offseason Update
  210. Three Needs The Vikes Should Address
  211. Vikes sign 2
  212. Vikings sign LB
  213. The Heart is back in Minnesota!
  214. Would you still take Merling with the 17th pick?
  215. Bernard Berrian Talks
  216. VikingBuzz BLOG 03/13/2008
  217. driving
  218. PFW rumors...OT and AJ Feeely
  219. We sould be looking at Culpepper as Backup QB(didnt see this topic first 6 pages
  220. Adjusted Cap numbers
  221. Vikings Sign LB Pope
  222. Vikings spend, but is it wisely?
  223. Should Vikes look at Oakland CB Fabian Washington now???
  224. vikings resign ferguson
  225. KFFL Tidbits 3/15/08 Interest in Nall?
  226. MOVED: Kitna Predicts 10 wins again
  227. Darrel Jackson released
  228. Vikings - All sorts of good stuff
  229. Best Available FA: O & D
  230. Vikings could make big deal for Peppers?
  231. Vikes made late move for Wilson
  232. MOVED: Happy Pi Day!
  233. My Ode to Marr’s Mock
  234. Ferguson to sign 1 year deal
  235. Vikes sign Pope
  236. 2008 NFL Draft Sleepers
  237. (Merged) Vikes Could Go After J. Peppers!!!
  238. DeSean Jackson is a pussy.
  239. Vikings - Rookie visits starting to take shape
  240. Trent Dilfer Out in SF
  241. Kalimba Edwards..
  242. MOVED: Jones Out in Motown...
  243. Who's left? 3/13/08
  244. MOVED: Books you might want to read?
  245. Don Banks' Mock from SI.com - Version 4.0
  246. PPO Calendar Entry created for NFL Draft
  247. $19 million: Yes, that’s right
  248. New Thoughts on the Draft After FA
  249. Next No name to visit...Derrick Pope
  250. CB Nathan Jones to visit