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  1. 2014 PP.O March Madness Tournament
  2. Johnny Manziel suspended by NCAA..
  3. AD: Manziel should get paid
  4. 2013 PP.O March Madness Tournament
  5. Brad Childress eyes Badgers job
  6. U of M Should Not Pay To Cancel Game against North Carolina
  7. 45 Yard Line = Midfield?
  8. Adrian Peterson gets generous with Oklahoma
  9. 2012 PP.O March Madness Tournament
  10. Joe Paterno dies today
  11. Legislators say farewell to the Fighting Sioux
  12. Penn state scandal
  13. Bone-crunching hits.
  14. U of Minn. Head Coach Jerry Kill suffered seizure
  15. Mississippi State
  16. NCAA to allow bagel toppings
  17. Miami trying to move on from scandal
  18. DOJ asks why there's no football playoff
  19. With the brand new mini GHD iv styler
  20. The newest GHDs, the GHD iv styler
  21. If you haven't been residing below a rock to the
  22. What's So Good About the GHD iv Styler?
  23. NVQs are on the marketplace in numerous ranges
  24. Davies Suspended for Violating BYU Honor Code
  25. 2011 PP.O March Madness Tournament
  26. Kevin Rogers Named Offensive Coordinator at Boston
  27. Quarterback Trick Shots - UCONN QB Johnny McEntee
  28. UND Suhaki
  29. Wearing Carolina Blue costs Tar Heels fan his seat
  30. Ohio State suspends Terrelle Pryor for 5 games
  31. NFL Players Support Eric LeGrand
  33. Hahaha Michigan
  34. Playoffs (Not Bowl) for Division 1 AA Football
  35. Eric Bienemy
  36. Brewster (finally) out in Minnesota
  37. Army Paratrooper into Michigan stadium - video
  38. college football almost halfway done
  39. Reggie Bush Gives up Heisman
  40. Sam's protege on fire
  41. Not the best start
  42. UCONN Over Michigan in the Big House
  43. D2 football
  44. Need a Team to Support
  45. lots of talk of big 1 2collapse
  46. Best QB Prospects Out Of High School
  47. 2010 PP.O March Madness Tournament
  48. Ole Miss football player collapses, dies
  49. Joe Pa granted the gift of sight
  50. Tennessee to rename waste treatment plant - Kiffin
  51. A man clad in a gold mask stormed the BCS field
  52. Nineteen Former Tigers in NFL Playoffs
  53. BCS Championship-Longhorns vs Crimson Tide
  54. College Football's Most Valuable Teams
  55. Dylan Favre to Mississippi State
  56. Meyer stepping down as Florida football coach
  57. Alabama RB Mark Ingram wins Heisman
  59. Awesome trick play from Bethel College
  60. Connecticut Huskies CB Jasper Howard Dies After Stabbing
  61. Red River Rivalry
  62. 2009 Heisman watch
  63. South Carolina Gamecocks
  64. Missouri Teams
  65. UCONN?????? WTF???????
  66. Bradford hurt as BYU stuns No. 3 Sooners
  68. Duke football 2009-2010
  69. MJ's son drops basketball for books at Illinois
  70. Traditional molting season is here again in Oregon
  71. How did the Vikes miss picking him up in the offseason?
  72. Minnesota Gophers Football
  73. Never too soon to look at top prospects for next year's draft or our next QB
  74. Bright lights. Big 10 football.
  75. Bunyan, Babe & Bemidji State
  76. Rule snares rising star
  77. NDSU Bison Basketball
  78. 2009 PP.O March Madness Tournament
  79. Florida's Tebow to return for senior season
  80. Dunbar resigns as Gopher Offensive coach
  81. Rose Bowl
  82. Big 12 vs Big 10
  83. Minnesota Gopher Basketball
  84. Blame for Cent. Mich. loss in MC Bowl lays with coach Butch Jones!
  85. Who is going to the Insight Bowl?
  86. Gopher Basketball vs Louisville
  87. Will Tebow win Heisman?
  88. Ball State turns down Humanitarian Bowl and loses MAC Championship
  89. ARMY NAVY Preview
  90. Tommy Tuberville out at Auburn
  91. Minnesota-Duluth Bulldogs
  92. McNabb endorses Vikings assistant Rogers for SU job
  93. Rivalry Day
  94. Utah to Bust BCS.........again....
  95. Boise St.
  96. New Gopher Website
  97. Texas Tech-Texas
  98. Connecticut Huskies
  99. Michigan @ Minnesota.. Who's going?
  100. Florida Gators
  101. Boise State Broncos!!!
  102. Gophers ranked in top 25
  103. College QB's to Watch (Formerly QB Chase Daniels - One to Watch?)
  104. Lou Holtz apologizes for anti-McCoy tirade
  105. Go Missouri FB
  106. Minnesota Bowl Eligible - Beat IL 27-20
  107. One More Win - Gophers Bowl Eligible
  108. Josh Freeman
  109. Big Teams Keep Losing
  110. Greatest Catch Ever?
  111. Monkey wrench!
  112. UofM and Northwestern getting AP votes? (week 3)
  113. 3-2
  114. Charlie Weis goes down!
  115. Relish it for now
  116. Oregon Ducks Football
  117. OSU at USC Preview
  118. Gotta Watch Video Of Georgia Player
  119. Official NDSU Thundering Herd Thread
  120. Risers/Sliders for '09 NFL draft
  121. Heisman hopeful Wells injured in OSU win
  122. Wells carted off field with leg injury
  123. Uni Watch: Back-to-school edition
  124. 127 of 128 Division I-A Football Teams Set to Feast on Cupcake Schedules
  125. ESPN pays $150M for SEC rights
  126. Seven Canes suspended for opener
  127. College Football
  128. USC football team crushed by Jock Itch outbreak
  129. I thought Arizona State teams were the Sun Devils.....
  130. Zobel's 2009 Mock Draft and Player Rankings
  131. Biggest, smallest stadiums
  132. Roll Tide!
  133. How 2 ball boys stopped opponent's signal-stealing, saved U-M's 1997 title
  134. Cris Carters Son's commits to Ohio State
  135. College World Series.... Who Do you want to win it all?
  136. Ranking the nonconference schedules: SEC, ACC, Big East
  137. Sam Maresh (Gophers) need heart surgery
  138. Over-rated! Five college football teams with too much hype
  139. Ranking the BCS-conference players by position
  140. 10 most imposing players
  141. SEC Football 08
  142. Big 10 Football
  143. Heisman Watch: Early Edition
  144. 8th Grader commits to Wildcats
  145. Iowa scores prospect
  146. Randall McDaniel among HOF inductees
  147. LSU supplies 7 players in '08 draft
  148. Gophers get New Uni's
  149. Fummmmbbbble! BCS trophy broken
  150. Herschel Walker To Rejoin Georgia Bulldogs
  151. Gopher recruit Whaley Shot in Drive by shooting
  152. What are my chances
  153. Portland State Vikings
  154. Georgia wins 2 games in 1 day
  155. 2008 PP.O March Madness Tournament
  156. Little Rock bar faces $500 fine, no suspension after admitting Darren McFadden
  157. The third coming: Ralph Sampson III
  158. Following in Sidney Rice’s footsteps
  159. Nevada high school football recruit made up story
  160. Take The Grand Tour -- Where Vikings Might Play
  161. Minnesota Football Program Announces Nationally Ranked Recruiting Class
  162. Rivals5:Surprise classes
  163. Trivia Time
  164. Football: Player of the Year Whaley commits to Minnesota (Gopher)
  165. March Madness projections
  166. 7' 7" 360 lbs Center with bigger feet than Shaq's
  167. Tim Tebow's Chica!
  168. Gophers Third on "Worst" Football Team List
  169. Duke Gay
  170. A guy to really keep an eye on!
  171. The Value of an education at The oOhi State University
  172. Anyone Watching "The Journey"
  173. Congratulations LSU!
  174. Hit of the year in college football?
  175. Brewster lands Big recruit
  176. Who says video games don't help game knowledge?
  177. WV?
  178. Is Anybody Surprised by Hawaii?
  179. Michigan Beats Tebow!
  180. U football player charged with assault
  181. Paterno to coach 500th game at the Alamo Bowl and cheerleaders comment
  182. Future Vikings? Who should we look for in the bowl games?
  183. Conference Records in Bowl Games
  184. OSU vs Florida in Basketball
  185. Kentucky struggling and fans blame Tubby
  186. 20 Florida State Players May Be Suspended From Game
  187. College Football Playoff Simulator
  188. Mandatory "Bye" Week in Big 10 football next year
  189. National Championship Playoffs
  190. NW Mo St in Championship for 3rd yr in a row
  191. 2007 Heisman winner is Tebow
  192. Which bowl game are you looking forward to most?
  193. Bowlmania group at ESPN
  194. 2007-08 Bowl Schedule
  195. LSU, Ohio St. to play in BCS title game
  196. Good Job Pitt!!!
  197. Missouri vs. Oklahoma
  198. Thinking up a college football playoff system
  199. U of Minnesota Basketball
  200. Country road less traveled
  201. NEW BCS Standings Nov. 25th
  202. Missouri to be #1
  203. OSU Chances for #1
  204. Huge WAC game BOISE STATE vs. HAWAII
  205. LuckyVike Is Gonna Hate This
  206. Nick Saben Makes Quite A Statement at Press Conference
  207. Gophers Win At Iowa State
  208. Bowden's inspirational speech
  209. Big Ten Poon
  210. LSU Still 1 - Kansas 2 in BCS
  211. Lady Vols offer free tuition in giveaway
  212. OSU Knocks Off Rival Michigan
  213. 'GameDay' goes off the beaten path to find the biggest little rivalry
  214. Gardner-Webb stuns No. 20 Kentucky 84-68
  215. Big Ten B****slapped By Division II Once Again
  216. National perspective
  217. College Football Bowl Projections: After Week 10
  218. Minnesota Gopher Basketball
  219. U of M Basketball team wins first game
  220. Any Other College Teams Halloween Colors?
  221. West Virginia Football
  222. The best college play of the season - You've got to see this!
  223. Great Win Sun Devils
  224. Wow...what a great year!
  225. NFL Draft: Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College: the Top Quarterback Prospect?
  226. No OSU fans Allowed???
  227. Sources: UND faces retiring Fighting Sioux nickname
  228. Hawaii
  229. O-H-I-O State will be #1!
  230. Kentucky Beats LSU in Overtime
  231. Tha U loses again. This sucks!
  232. Texas Tech bans T-shirt of Vick likeness hanging Texas A&M's dog mascot
  233. USC Beaten By Who? Stanford!
  234. (Merged) Official Florida Gator Thread.
  235. Official: SEC Big Ten and Gator Football Thread! Gator Chomp!
  236. TWill and SRice Party with 'Cocks
  237. Highly ranked Kentucky Player Chooses Gophers
  238. Congrats to the Fighting Illini
  239. Pokes coach goes nuts
  240. NDSU Thundering Hurd
  241. For Cajun, Early Doucet Injury - LSU
  242. Official: Gators Thread! GATOR CHOMP!
  243. OMG the Gophers are REALLY bad...
  244. Somebody please explain this to me.
  245. Tale of the Tape: Carr vs. Weis vs. Spears
  246. Mark Mangino doesn't like show offs...
  247. LSU / VT Game
  248. Oregon hands Mich. worst loss since 1968!
  249. This guy looks pretty good in purple and gold!
  250. Time for the new rules for college football fandom