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  1. New member
  2. Something I try to say every year
  3. Finally a winning record.
  4. Diehard Vikings fan in Eagles country
  5. New Vikings Fan.. Cowboys loyal
  6. MOVED: I picture Sid Rice with 2 or 3 TDs today!
  7. New member alert! But long time Viking Fan!
  8. lonely vikes fan in green bay
  9. Viking fans from Memphis Tennessee
  10. A Vikings admirer from the UK
  11. Call me Q
  12. New member from Essex in the UK..
  13. Vikes fan from London, England!
  14. new member long time vikes fan
  15. New member from Rochester....NY
  16. Minneapolis here we come!
  17. Viking Fan in the UK!
  18. vikings fan in NYC
  19. Viking fan living in SD on his own free will
  20. Don Majkowski
  21. Life- long Vikings fan trapped in TN
  22. Noob here with a gift
  23. Vikings @ Broncos Dec 30 TAILGATE PARTY!!
  24. Vikings fan trapped in SD
  25. New to the site
  26. I think i'm going to start a paper route right now.
  27. Born in Hibbing Living in Richmond
  28. first post
  29. Viking Fan from Phoenix
  30. Long time fan from Oklahoma
  31. Vikes Down Under
  32. New to the site...
  33. Vikings fan in Kansas
  34. Viking fan in Texas
  35. I've decided to stop lurking...
  36. New fan from FL
  37. MOVED: Where could I get a Viking horn
  38. New Member
  39. Where to watch away games??
  40. Another Vikes fan check in.
  41. A viking among the bears
  42. A little Cheddar to the rescue...
  43. One of the guys!
  44. New Fish
  45. Indy Viking Fan
  46. eh... :-) Hello guys. [and ladies]
  47. Expat keeping up on his favorite football team
  48. Long time fan/new to this Board
  49. ¿Algun Vikingo en España?
  50. Vikings Fan In Fort Worth, Texas
  51. New to the PPO
  52. Longtime Lurker, Finally joins your ranks.
  53. New Packer fan to trash!!
  54. Hello From South Korea!!
  55. Hiyas from Denver, Eh?
  56. Hello from NC
  57. I don't think I actually ever introduced myself....
  58. Skol
  59. California Vikings fan
  60. Fan from Los Angeles
  61. Die Hard Vikings Fan From CT!
  62. I guess I'll introduce myself
  63. Free beer for everyone
  64. Test Post
  65. Hello I'm New
  66. New Member From TN
  67. Vikes fan in NC!
  68. Not New To The Site But Havent Been Here In A While So I Wanted To Reintroduce
  69. Vikings
  70. New Guy
  71. Hello
  72. What pieces of the puzzle is missing from the Vikings to win games? Playoffs?
  73. Sup yall
  74. Quick intro for site members
  75. Hello purple fans
  76. Stranded in Bakersfield
  77. Land of the Rising Sun
  78. Fellow Vikings Fans....
  79. Just moved back to Duluth!
  80. introduction
  81. Home Opener
  82. let me introduce myself
  83. Hey I'm Bob!
  84. HELLO...
  85. Skol Vikes!
  86. Brooklyn Vikings!!!
  87. Cheers!
  88. Welcome to PPO, vikings27!
  89. Midwestern transplant - Colorado Viking Fan
  90. Hello Everyone!!!
  91. Why Hello Purple Pride
  92. Introduction and Hello's
  93. Hello
  94. Im New to PPO
  95. I found an NFC team!
  96. Please allow me to Introduce myself
  97. Hi Ladies.
  98. Greeting Purple Faithful
  99. Lookin forward to the season!
  100. Why I am a Viking fan...
  101. My introductory press conference...
  102. Proper Introduction
  103. go vikes
  104. A big Welcome and SKOL to all!!!
  105. One more new guy checking in.
  106. NEW
  107. Hello people
  108. New North of the Border Member
  109. Not another new guy!
  110. SKOL Viking brothers from a newbie!
  111. Deep Undercover
  112. new guy
  113. MOVED: Sports Writing
  115. Another New Guy
  116. Greetings from Soonerland
  117. Hello everyone
  118. "Free beer" is my favorite brand.
  119. New Guy on the Block
  120. Hello from a new Vikings fan!
  121. new poster
  122. Lifelong Vikings fan
  123. newbie
  124. Viking from across the pond!!
  125. Hello there
  126. New to the community
  127. new guy here
  128. /is back
  129. New Aussie Fan
  130. Hey all
  131. New to the Site
  132. im new
  133. Hi everybody!
  134. vikings are gonna win the superbowl
  135. New to PurplePride
  136. New here. Review of draft picks since 1982 with semi-educated comments.
  137. I Need my Peeps!
  138. Grass Valley 'Vikes fan
  139. Feeling nostalgic
  140. MOVED: Imitation bottle rocket experiment... (funny)
  141. The New Guy
  142. Hello..... I'm the newest free agent fan to sign up
  143. what i see the vikings doing.
  144. Hello PurplePride
  145. Hello,...and Thank You
  146. The New Guy
  147. Newbie
  148. CT29
  149. Newb here in Japan
  150. Hey I'm a new member to this purple pride site!
  151. Bartender, A round for the house!
  152. Hello people,I'm new here,but I've lurked for a while now...
  153. MOVED: quaterback
  155. hey i'm new to the site
  156. please bring randy home
  157. New To the Site
  158. Hey everyone!
  159. Hello my purple brothers and sisters.
  160. Saying hello
  161. New to the site
  162. Hello,Fellow Viking Fans
  163. Go Vikes and yes I am a new member.
  164. New member...again
  165. The First Post!!
  166. New member
  167. new vikes fan member
  168. Hey all, just registered long time lurker.
  169. ISO: Fellow Vikes fans in or near west chicago suburbs....
  170. Just joined PP.O
  171. Introduction
  172. New to the board
  173. Fargo- not the Movie.
  174. Hello
  175. West Coast fan
  176. Hello from Indo..
  177. Newbie
  178. Hey Hey Hey
  179. I've been lurking...
  180. Beer offered for fellow Portlander Vikes Fan!!
  181. Sorry forgot to inrtoduce myself
  182. SKOL
  183. A proverbial Newbie
  184. Hi, I'm C Mac D, and I have a Vikings problem.
  185. Greetings-help a fellow fan
  186. Finally, I got in!
  187. Soy El Vikingo!!!!
  188. any vikes fans in kansas?
  189. Looking for Vikes fans in Boston
  190. New guy
  191. Hello from FL
  192. so here is where I start off?
  193. Free Beer Tomorrow!
  194. hello you norwegian manics!
  195. Acumen
  196. Greeting From Ca.
  197. im kinda new
  198. Hi Everyone.
  199. Johnny Reeferseed
  200. New Guy
  201. Greetings from Wisconson!!!
  202. Greetings from the Sunshine State
  203. MOVED: your picks
  204. Newbie bleeds purple
  205. new guy :)
  206. HEEEYYY!
  207. NEW MEMBER!
  208. Viking Fan since inception
  209. Hello Viks fans
  210. Memphis
  211. Squid Squad Vikes Fan!!!
  212. dang
  213. vikes fan from MO.
  214. Hello from Tennessee
  215. Central Florida Purple
  216. MOVED: game vs panthers
  217. Hello from a Giants fan
  218. Hola from the west coast!!!
  219. Hello and SKOL Vikings
  220. Hi, I'm UrlsGrrl54...the Motor City DIVA Bearaholic Living in Falcons Land!
  221. HI! New to forums
  222. Old Viking-New to PPO
  223. Hello from a Saints Fan
  224. Genuine Viking :D
  225. New Guy from the South
  226. Viking Fan in NY
  227. Time to say hello.
  228. New member
  229. Vikes fan in CO
  230. Hey everybody, I'm new just sayin hi.
  231. Put me in, Coach!
  232. Hi from Sweden
  233. Stoppin by
  234. Not new... at all... but i bet few of you remember me...
  235. New member (reasonable skins fan)
  236. oh bye the way (going to minnesota)
  237. Vike fan in Pantherland
  238. Why cant i find a vikings t-shirt larger than 2-x?
  239. One more newbie.....we all are at some point...right?
  240. Vikings fan in the bear's den
  241. Bronco Fan from the Windy City
  242. Have you guys noticed this trend?
  243. looking for a change and I think I have found it.
  244. Canadians in the house EH!
  245. Nice to be here
  246. another Vikings fan from Ohio.
  247. whats up guys
  248. Hiho from Portland.
  249. New Guy
  250. New Jersy Vikings Fan!