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  1. Hey guys....
  2. Slow Start
  3. Bengals Fans
  4. Hats off to the Bengals
  5. Game day!
  6. Brian Billick "the worst offensive coach in the history...
  7. I am Impressed and Shocked
  8. Bengals Preview
  9. Greetings from Cincinnati...no smack talk here
  10. Thanks Vikes
  11. I SAID IT once AND ILL SAY IT AGAIN.....
  12. Any one ready for a little Buc A** kicking?
  13. Packers: Better than 8-8 is just hard to fathom
  14. Bucs Trying to Overcome Youth Movement... (ya,right)
  15. Cadillac Stuck in 1st Gear?
  16. Excited for SUNDAY!?!?!?!?!
  17. Can we start talking about the Bucs game yet?
  18. Seahwks Rivals This Week!!
  19. Bolts-Vikings
  20. Vikings vs. Chargers
  21. 2 Chiefs Arrested in Mpls
  22. Upcoming game vs. Jets
  23. In My Minds Eye....
  24. Lions start 0-5?????
  25. Anti-Vikes?
  26. Jealous Packer/Lions/Bears fans
  27. Wife beater (Green) vs. Drug user (Smith)?
  28. The newest Viking: Javon Walker...
  29. Domination of the DeTOILET Lions ...
  30. Evlvikeman
  31. nfc north
  32. Mike Williams= Bad Pick For Lions
  33. In Advance.
  34. Why are Vikings fans so down on Brian Russell
  35. Fans, fans and more fans. Our FAQ.
  36. Giants Fan Here
  37. Hey sweethearts
  38. Hey, DumBears, I mean DuhBears, I got something...
  39. Hey viking fans i got something for you
  40. A REAL Joke
  41. A joke
  42. Bad Things in Threes
  43. Open Letter to the Gap part III
  44. Does anyone else hate philly?
  45. Tom Brady, media's future Brett Favre.
  46. The thunderous roar of....silence.
  47. you lost.
  48. Early Vegas Odds on the Superbowl.
  49. Sorry, "The Gap", your banned! :-)
  50. Sorry II
  51. Another open letter to "The Gap"
  52. "SORRY"
  53. Get ready for the return of the Eagles fans...
  54. What time are the vikes playing today?
  55. Our local Sociopath
  56. Bears are going to win the division next year
  57. Superbowl
  58. Well, good luck next year Moonesota!!!!!! :-)
  59. I am here not to rub in it, I'm here to rub it in royally!!!
  60. Eagles Fans: Go the the Falcons Boards Now
  61. In which situation would you feel safest?
  63. Times Up
  64. its been fun...........
  65. good luck next year.............
  66. An apology please
  67. Serve us our crow
  68. Moss Buchanan trade
  69. Open letter to "The Gap"
  70. Time Has Come Today
  71. Good Luck Eagles
  72. YES it's ME again!
  73. Will the Eagles get a rollover, like they want?
  74. Moss aggravates ankle injury??
  75. Fans Helping Fans
  76. Eagles Fans are more worried than the knuckleheads here.
  77. Attack on Vikes Fan!
  78. Good Luck Sunday
  79. Guess Who's Back
  80. Oh no!
  82. todd pinkston
  83. Wait Til You Read This
  84. Alright, Red!!
  85. Vikings have NO PRAYER OF WINNING!
  86. Patriots
  88. Do you think the Vikings actually have a chance Sunday?
  89. You won't be facing a beat up D like you did last week!
  90. The real reason we lost the MNF game
  91. Todd Pinkston aka: Alligator Arms
  92. Fly Eagles Fly
  93. How the media could actually be useful
  94. Nick McGirk is here! I'm here to tell the Vikes they will...
  95. Hope Vikings Can Upset Eagles
  96. Eagle fans
  97. Will the Vikes pull through against Philli?
  98. eagles collapse
  99. What are the Eagles all about and can the Vikes do it again?
  100. Who's Going To The Big Game In Philly?
  101. "Boo" to PhillyGirl...
  102. Vikings vs. Eagles NEXT WEEK!
  103. Eagles fans now sure they will play in SB
  104. What's the most annoying thing about Packer fans?
  105. "Undercover Viking...
  106. Smack the Pack
  107. Remember me?
  108. Getting ready for the Skins game?
  109. wheres ol silvermane?
  110. Here kitty kitty kitty
  111. Congrats SeaChickens!
  112. Bennett should return kicks
  113. Best smack talking opponents
  114. weekly smack
  115. Moss is such a cry baby!
  116. Hahahahahahaha!
  117. SEAHAGS!!!
  118. Ouch
  119. score to settle
  120. Losers
  121. Viqueens week!!!
  122. How many INT'S will George throw?
  123. Jeff George
  124. Jag fans??
  125. wheres duhbears fan???
  126. i take some comfort
  127. Down go the Lions (how about Dabears)
  128. wheres all the lions fans?
  129. Hey this is a funny pic
  130. Vikings super bowl trophy case
  131. Thanks
  132. Done with the Pack... on to the Lions
  133. THANK YOU!!!!!
  134. Hey Skol...
  135. Packers in 1st place...
  136. My take on the game
  138. Good luck from a COLTS fan!
  139. Hello, Vikings Fans!
  140. Greetings Colts' Fans
  141. Indy fans, where are they?
  142. Time to keep my promise
  143. From a Giants fan, GG
  144. vikings vikings vikings
  145. G-Men!!
  146. Crow to be served
  147. Hey Giants Fans
  148. Giants Quiz
  149. The Vikes are Pretenders, not Contenters..............
  150. You guys are in denial.
  151. Have a good weekend Purple Pride...
  152. We've been sent here for a reason.......
  153. You asked for it...
  154. Giant Fan Influx
  155. Giants fans...you guys scared of us or what?
  156. hey vikings fans
  157. Titans fans...Yoo Hoo, where are you?
  158. Vikings-Saints predictions.
  159. Saints
  160. Man, wheres all the saints fans???
  161. Some gameday pics from houston
  162. NO Aint's
  163. Anyone in here going to game in Houston this week?
  164. texans fan site
  165. Are you ready for some FOOOOOTballllllllll
  166. well, Texans Fans.