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  1. Stadium Passes finance despite Racino
  2. Why not public shares?
  3. The most improved part of the team
  4. Good beat writers for the Vikings?
  5. If Vikings left Minnesota for Los Angeles
  7. White Earth Proposal?
  8. What about the jobs!???
  9. Wilf's plane spotted in L.A. area
  10. 2012 Minnesota Vikings Schedule
  11. Gov Dayton: Vikings will Leave
  12. House rejects Vikings stadium proposal
  13. Everson Griffen
  14. Vikings Stadium Struggle History
  15. Your Wild Trade Wishes
  16. Vikings still have questions about Harvin
  17. FSN's top 5 Viking bust's
  18. What do YOU do for the Vikings?
  19. Vikings Mobile
  20. Wait until stadium issue is resolved before buying tickets?
  21. Harvin had drug, discipline issues
  22. Our Punter needes to shut his mouth and stick to just kicking the ball ....
  23. Vikings release preseason schedule.
  24. Vikings 2012 Uniform
  25. Souhan: These aren't the Vikings the tabloids used to love
  26. Wilf Wants Parcells
  27. AP's facial hair.. And his knee.
  28. Percy Harvin Injury: WR To Have Shoulder Surgery
  29. Vikings post new stadium designs, want feedback
  30. Draft Party 2012
  31. AAPs
  32. Vikings to bring in Luck & RGIII
  33. 2012 Season Record Predictions
  34. A new defensive gut
  35. If I was the Vikings GM I would...
  36. Brian Robison: The Right Call
  37. Our Old Offense/Defense
  38. Assigning blame for 2009 debacle
  39. Vikings coaches taught how to injure QB's
  40. Ted Ginn Jr. visiting Minnesota
  41. Where Does the Vikings' Center Rank Among the NFL's Best? (Bleacher Report)
  42. Sorry, no QB openings here
  43. Bye bye Camarillo..
  44. Vikings will limit Joe Webb to QB duties
  45. Hutchinson knows the Vikings may cut him
  46. Bud Grant still in the hunt
  47. Pleas Help, Visiting Minnesota
  48. George Paton finalist for Rams GM
  49. Questioning Harvin's part-time role
  50. Q&A with Bud Grant
  51. One Chris does and one Cris does not
  52. Our Starting QB is Injury Prone
  53. Vikings Documentary / Short video about My Dad and I.
  54. Peterson Wants to Change Number but...
  55. 5vikingsrule6's Prediction
  56. Vikings Land Eight On All-NFC North Team
  57. Players in thenTwin Cities
  58. Kluwe to Bayless: Kiss a flamethrower
  59. 2009 Vikings vs 2011 Giants
  60. Get over it!
  61. 2012 Crystal Ball
  62. A Tribute to Jim.
  63. Vikings to hire Alan Williams for Defensive Coordinator
  64. Do We Need a DC?
  65. Jared Allen NFC DPOY
  66. Rodgers comments after the game
  67. Fred Pagac Out As Minnesota Defensive Coordinator
  68. AD Progress
  69. Interview with Vikings DB, Reggie Jones
  70. If Castillo leaves Philly, he could land in Minnesota
  71. Paul Allen defending Spielman
  72. Vikes request to interview Tucker for DC role
  73. Earth to Vikings, give up your delusions
  74. "Posting here sucks" thread
  75. Discussion of the new power structure.
  76. Frazier is dead to me.
  77. Vikes will coach Senior Bowl
  78. Thank You
  79. Karl Dunbar first to fall
  80. Vikings will interview Raheem Morris
  81. Spielman promoted to GM
  82. Colts fire execs Bill and Chris Polian
  83. Rams officially fire Steve Spagnuolo
  84. Wilfs plan no major changes
  85. The Post-Season is here! NFL Draft: April 26, 2012 - The Minnesota Vikings select...
  86. Vikes v Bears Postgame Thread
  87. Vikings' Sapp cited for confrontation with security guards
  88. Vikings | Caleb King might be promoted
  89. Vikings rusher Gerhart looking like NFL starter
  90. Free-agent-to-be Henderson aims to return to Vikes
  91. After first play, the Vikings' season slipped away
  92. Adrian Peterson's knee surgery is 'successful'
  93. Hartman: Extra draft picks will help Vikings rebuild
  94. Vikings should look to soon-to-be-fired Spagnuolo to take over defence
  95. Leslie Frazier hinted Wednesday that Hutchinson will contemplate retirement
  96. GM, or Coach/GM Who?
  97. Braylon Edwards
  98. *** OFFICIAL Vikes-Bears Tailgate Thread ***
  99. Kleinsasser Retiring at season end
  100. Vikings closing in on deal for new stadium in Minnesota
  101. Vikings will take “hard look” at Webb after big game
  102. Donovan McNabb never paid punter for wearing his No. 5 jersey
  103. With Peterson Hurt
  104. Official Vikings vs. Redskins Postgame Thread
  105. Possibilities
  106. been saying yhis for awhile here will be our chance
  107. Paid leave for Cook not popular with Vikings players
  108. Saints trying to injure Peterson again
  109. Satirical Vikings article
  110. Visanthe Shiancoe: When Vikings fell behind, “Some guys hung it up”
  111. Adrian Peterson says Saints went too far taking shots at his ankle
  112. How soon can the Vikings turn it around?
  113. OFFICIAL Vikes v Saints Post game thread
  114. Sully gets new deal..
  115. Switch to 3-4 Defense; Led by Mike Singletary?
  116. The Myth of the Can't miss OL prospect
  117. Vikings secondary desperate for interceptions
  118. Tori Gurley chooses Packers practice squad over Vikings active roster
  119. USC tackle Matt Kalil will go pro
  120. OFFICIAL Vikes vs. Saints Tailgate Thread
  121. Football Pool Standings
  122. Report: Frazier given assurance he’ll be back with Vikings next year
  123. Saints Game
  124. Emmanuel Arceneaux
  125. Lions post game thread
  126. Anyone opposed to webb given a chance
  127. Cheer Up Vikings Fans...here's an early look at what an early pick can do for us
  128. WTF Ragnar?
  129. Lions fan back again!
  130. Jared Allen wants to make the Lions miserable too
  131. Jared Allen explains punching Ray Edwards square in the wiener
  132. So who's our next head coach?
  133. Hartman: Wilf says Frazier will be back next year
  134. Return teams
  135. Broncos post game thread
  137. Sage Rosenfels
  138. McNabb to be released....
  139. Vikings’ Raymond shows incredible perseverance
  140. The "Official" I apologize to Percy Harvin thread.
  141. Still Making Music Videos - Vikings vs Broncos
  142. Sapp: Vikings lack trust in coaches
  143. Percy Harvin's Role
  144. 4 (four) placed on IR
  145. Ultimate Vikings Highlights
  146. Frazier troubled by lack of communication on Vikings staff during replay review
  147. Changes expected in Minnesota after the season
  148. Joe Kapp Holds a Grudge for 48 years!
  149. It's Too Early To Fire Fraiser
  150. If the season were to end today, we'd have the third overall pick in the draft
  151. Atlanta Falcons Post Game Thoughts
  152. OFFICIAL Vikes vs. Broncos Tailgate Thread
  153. Harvin can't be pigeon-holed in to position specifics Read more: http://www
  154. Worst Vikings team ever? It has to be 1984
  155. Vikings blackout could be a preview
  156. Vikings @ Falcons predictions
  157. Pagac envisioned man coverage, not zone
  158. In other good news.
  159. Ponder. Trade ,cut,or keep?
  160. Frazier tells Ponder: "We'll get a lot of wins together"
  161. Vikings show little interest in using first-round pick on offensive linemen
  162. Vikings should trade draft pick to highest bidder
  163. Can anybody explain this?
  164. Report: Adrian Peterson has high ankle sprain
  165. Jerome Bogar's Crew Can't Count
  166. X-rays negative on Adrian Peterson’s ankle
  167. Raiders post game thread
  168. The Official FIRE FRAZIER Thread
  169. Jared Allen Grants Wish For Child
  170. What happens to ppo if........
  171. Has there ever been a point where you have wanted the Vikings to lose?
  172. 1 year in, Frazier still searching for progress
  173. Henderson Brothers Insulted by Their High School
  174. Jared vs Jared
  175. Kyle Rudolph eyes larger role
  176. Jared Allen, long snapper
  177. Vikings still trying to solve 3rd-quarter dilemma
  178. Would you follow the team to Los Angeles?
  179. Our New GM
  180. Remi Ayodele 'Not the Warpig'
  181. Vikings Sign Benny Sapp
  182. I'm Happy That...
  183. Dilfer on Ponder redux
  184. Winfield breaks clavicle
  185. Packers post game thread.
  186. The second half of the season.
  187. OFFICIAL Vikings vs Raiders Tailgate Thread
  188. Vikings need more DL heroes
  189. Mistral Raymond is no stranger to tragedy
  190. Tyrell Johnson: I missed the boat
  191. Will Vikings Preserve AD & Cut Back On Carries?
  192. 1,000+ tickets still available for Vikings-Packers game
  193. How long does it take Marrdro to watch a Vikings game?
  194. 3 Biggest Mistakes the Front Office Made in 2011
  195. Vikings Sign DB Reggie Jones
  196. Vikings still have playoff hopes
  197. Winfield says he's 'good to go'
  198. AD talks Vikings, gaming
  199. Any Vikings fans in Cleveland?
  200. Harvin fined $7,500 for sideline scrap
  201. Questions abound for Vikings receiving unit
  202. Joe Webb: 'My position is QB right now'
  203. Sad, but the time is now to trade Peterson.
  204. Jared Allen named NFC Defensive Player of the Month
  205. Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith declare McCoy "best RB in football"
  206. Are Minnesotans Hypocrites?
  207. Cook's legal woes muddle planning secondary moves
  208. Childress shouldn’t get a second chance
  209. If......
  210. The "unofficial" Greenway isn't cutting it thread.
  211. Panthers post game thread
  212. Passing threat has AD off to the races
  213. Kluwe: Porn stars are people, too
  214. Toby Gerhart might see more carries
  215. WR corps helping Ponder get up to speed
  216. Vikings' plan to use AD as a receiver might finally come to pass
  217. 5 Amazing Moments in Vikings History
  218. McNabb says he should still be the starter in Minnesota
  219. Vikings' stadium deal not reached
  220. 12 players on Vikings injury report
  221. Frazier's decisions played a part in 1-6 start
  222. Congrats to Jared Allen - New baby girl
  223. Would Leigh Bodden help our secondary?
  224. Look what we are discussing on the Panthers Board
  225. Would Chris Harris help our secondary?
  226. Vikings activate rookie WR Burton, in danger of violating league roster rule.
  227. The Minnesota Vikings' Relatively Awful History At The Quarterback Position
  228. Predictions for bye week
  229. Anatomy of a play: Christian Ponder's impressive start
  230. Vikings Song Parody Video: HALLOWEEN EDITION! Vikings vs Panthers
  231. Vikings sign two
  232. Vikings work out more players
  233. More stadium teasing
  234. Vikings suspend Chris Cook indefinitely without pay
  235. OK Now for something Fun! Pro Bowl Voting
  236. Interesting Article on Sports Arrests
  237. Time for a GM
  238. Vikings activate Burton
  239. Berrian released and Cook charged
  240. Knee injury to Herrera could force switch at right guard
  241. Minnesota Vikings Now #1 Most Arrested Team in the NFL
  242. sign ideas
  243. Webb to be on Game ON!
  244. We FINALLY have a franchise QB! (Official Ponder thread)
  245. If you handed out punishments for illegal hits
  246. McNabb benched for poor work ethic
  247. Trade Percy Harvin
  248. Vikings Vs. Packers Post Game Thread
  249. Frazier says rookie gives Vikings best chance
  250. McNabb vowed not to brood