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  1. Bye week allows us to focus on rest of NFL
  2. Anybody see the HBO realsports with BG about...
  3. Super Bowl Commercials
  4. Interesting article about jumbotrons
  5. Best Super Bowl nicknames???
  6. Culpepper on PTI.....AGAIN
  7. The real NFL Truth is out there
  8. Manning scheduled to become RFA
  9. Rules named after players.
  10. Steelers making neutral away
  11. Shaun Alexander says he wants to be a Panther next year!!!
  13. National Football League Lore
  14. Early NFL Playoff Awards
  15. Tice and Daunte to Oakland
  16. Packers hire a Nun.
  17. Capers to Fins as DC
  18. Broncos fan OWNED by Steelers fan.
  19. Denver Broncos ponder sbout cutting center Tom Nalen!!
  20. Here's a list of all the NFL Teams cap room situations
  21. will the bears be as dominate next season?
  22. Super Bowl XL--Seahawks vs Steelers
  23. Dungy to stay as Colts Coach
  24. Bills to hire retread Dick Jauron!
  25. Texans announce that Kubiac is next coach!
  26. Colts Plan Reggie Wayne stays, Edgerrin James leaves!!!
  27. Panthers @ Seahawks
  28. Steelers @ Broncos
  29. Physician offers free vasectomy for Broncos tickets
  30. Get your picks in for tomorrow ....
  32. Lions hire the next Les Steckel.
  33. this is just plain silly. whats next? A 14 year old.....
  34. Jake Vs. Peyton
  35. Turf protection diluting teams
  36. Bang Cartoon - The Mannings
  37. Disgruntled Peyton Fan on e-bay
  38. Resume be damned.
  39. Dolphins | Linehan’s departure could mean end for Frerotte
  40. Linehan: HC Rams.
  41. Redskins | Saunders named offensive coordinator
  42. Is Peyton Manning more me first than say......Jeff George?
  43. Lions to name Rod Marinelli Head Coach
  44. Which surviving playoff QB would you want on the Vikes?
  45. Anyone want to see Vince Young as our next QB?
  46. T-Ho to Fins?
  47. Underrated QB in the NFL.....
  48. What is up with Millen & the Lions?
  49. Philbin and McAdoo also going to GB!
  50. Robinson & Bennett are going to GB! It's A Done Deal!
  51. The new coach of the New Orleans Saints squad is Peyton, Man
  52. Best playoff games...ever.
  53. Plummer pockets another $250K
  54. Rubber Band Girl
  55. Mangini accepts offer to become new Jets coach
  56. Linehan in St. Louis???
  58. Who do you want in the Super Bowl?
  59. Pardon The Interuption....
  60. Tony Dungy may retire
  61. Locklear Locked Up!
  62. article from porter on the steelers game and cheating refs
  63. Ron Mexico is in the news again...
  64. Colts' Harper attacked...
  65. Post-game Injury Report, Week 19
  66. Porter on refs: 'I felt they were cheating us'
  67. First time in 40 yrs...
  68. Panthers | Foster breaks ankle
  69. PFT TEN-PACK: The Divisional Round
  70. Paper Champion Bears
  71. You sorry Bears
  72. Back From the Colts game. (Vanderjagt choked the big one!)
  74. Steelers Win!
  75. Offical Playoffs Picks Thread.....
  76. Denver Wins!!
  77. SEATTLE the loudest stadium????
  78. My fairly late picks for this weekend.
  79. Ex viking Scott Linehan close to being Rams head coach
  80. Brett Favre allegedly falls victim to credit fraud
  81. Ricky Williams to Denver rumors picking up!!
  82. Cris Carter's Playoff Picks for this weekend.
  83. Grossman
  84. Possibly the stupidest quote I have ever read...
  85. Wrong Socks Trump Spitting at Opponent in NFL
  86. Carson Palmer's career could be OVER according to his doctor
  88. Who should the BEST FANS in the WORLD pull for?
  89. NFL playoffs not a financial score
  90. Chargers | Could look at Cottrell - if Phillips leaves
  91. Hall of Famers (this years class)
  92. New Leader of the Pack
  93. I'm new to PurplePride.org
  94. Kubiak will get Texans job.
  95. In the Klink for hitting Dilfer.
  96. My Vikings Calendar, 2006
  97. Agent get permission to trade Owens
  98. NFL, Levitra deal goes soft
  99. Colts | Dungy wins award
  100. Better than a poster??
  101. J-E-T-S Next Head Coach ....... Tice !!!!!!!
  102. City Council Wants the NO Saints to hire Doug Williams as HC
  103. Now the media has gone too far
  104. Chiefs, Edwards agree to four-year deal
  105. PFT Ten-pack: The Wild Card Round
  106. Lewis blows his shot at promotion
  107. Divisional Playoff Matchups
  108. Holy Cow
  109. Mark Fields arrested on drunken driving charges in Arizona
  110. The Vikes could've have played better than the Giants today!
  111. Bucs FB Mike Alstott leaning towards retirement
  112. -Palmer out-
  113. Mayock..best knowledge in the NFL
  114. Breaking Vince Young news...
  115. Other NFL news
  116. Today's Games
  117. Jets may give Cottrell a second look
  118. NFL will hear it from Del Rio
  119. Jaguars @ Patriots
  120. Pro Bowl Starters
  121. WTF is wrong with Sean Taylor???
  122. Geezers to NFL: Get off our cloud
  123. Wildcard Weekend!
  124. TO High-"low"-Lights
  125. Lovie Smith Named AP Coach of the Year....
  126. Favre to return if Packers hire Mariucci as head coach!
  127. Packers Center Mike Flanagan to not return to Green Bay!!
  128. HC list for Packers...
  129. Parcells to stay with Cowboys
  130. Vick kicked off team!!
  131. Ur-LUCKY NFL Defensive MVP
  132. Football Question
  133. Jerry Rice about to dance.
  134. Boomer wants Marty fired.
  135. NFL sets attendance mark
  136. S. Alexander wins NFL MVP award
  137. NFL Insider: Easing the fallout from firings
  138. Moss: Coach Killer
  139. Mora fires Vick's position coach
  140. Coaching in NFL vs College
  141. Did the Pack fire all of their assistants too?
  142. Official Rose Bowl Thread
  143. Andy Reid might get "Holmgren-ed"!
  144. Herman Edwards going to the Chiefs
  145. Dang it, I wanted him @ #7 last year ...
  146. Dom Capers
  147. USC and Texas
  148. Fast facts: playoff teams
  149. NFL coaches feel fire of "The Bears Effect"
  150. Raider's coach Norv Turner FIRED!!!
  151. Bill Parcells to the Lions???
  152. SHAME ON MNF TOP 36
  153. Packers thinking about Mooch?
  154. Williams Locked Up...
  155. Clinton Portis' mom punches out a fan
  156. Alexander's future in Seattle remains uncertain
  157. Black Monday and Coachless Teams Now.....
  158. What team would you pick to win SB, now playoffs are clearer
  159. Sherman fired in Green Bay!
  160. tv shedule for next year wtf
  161. Texans win the Bush award!
  162. Just wait...
  163. NFL's first drop kick in 64 years
  164. I couldn't help it but..
  165. Texans to fire head coach Dom Capers
  166. Famous RB Wanted for Robbery
  167. Lions to interview Browns OC Maurice Carthon
  168. KC coach Vermil to Retire on monday....
  170. QB Drew Brees has dislocated shoulder, may need surgery!!
  171. Sam Madison says'He WILL NOT return to the Dolphins"
  172. Packers DT Grady Jackson FIRES Drew Rosenhaus
  173. 2005's Biggest Dissapointments
  174. Mike Sherman..
  175. old rosters??
  176. jags cut o lineman!
  177. Browns ready to fire GM Savage
  178. need help
  179. Raiders place Charles Woodson on IR for 2nd year straight!
  180. Horn wants Falcons' Mora fined for using cell phone!
  181. Bengals QB Carson Palmer signs extension through 2014 season
  182. Now that the Vikings have been eliminated.....
  183. Sticky Icky wins Good Guy Award with Dolphins
  184. Billick to coach Ravens in 2006 it's official!!
  185. The beast I wish we had
  186. NFL Draft Order Rules
  187. 2nd Team in Chicago?!?
  188. Steve McNair
  190. Alcohol sales banned from Jets-Patriots game
  191. Playoff Favorite?
  192. Bear VS Green Bay Gametime Thread
  193. Richard Dent and the HOF
  194. Check out this Cleveland fan getting the business ....
  195. is ricky gonna be a fa?
  196. i was first to vote!!!!!!!
  197. chad johnson
  198. Brian Billick? Idiot or Genius?
  199. Steve Smith Ejected from the Carolina game ...
  200. Bouman!
  201. Taking care of business at the goal line a must
  202. What games will you be watching this weekend?
  203. A Festivus Miracle!!
  204. Comeback Player of the year?
  205. urlacher
  206. Vikings Mourn With Former Coach Dungy
  207. Brett Favre to the Raiders......???
  208. James Dungy, son of Tony Dungy, found dead
  209. Vikings castoff Hovan jumpstarts career in Tampa Bay
  210. How does Ron Mexico make the Pro-Bowl?
  211. Chad Johnsons Christmas TD Celebration
  212. Ex-Vikings wins the superbowl!!!
  213. Pro Bowl teams to be announced Today
  214. Week 15 and yearly results, Week 16 schedule
  215. Randle-El jailed on battery charge!!!
  216. Samkon Gado out for the season with a torn MCL!!!!
  217. No Beer for Game
  218. Re: Rodgers in for Pack...Bretty Boy sits!
  219. Did the Packers get the SOD?
  220. Does anyone else think...
  221. Batman and Whoopi getting SCHOOLED tonight!
  222. MNF A$$holes HAD to show Dorsett run...just to pi$$ us off!
  223. Grossman gets his starting job back!!!
  224. The Bears
  225. Help... i need to find a special jersey
  226. Falcons @ Bears thread
  227. Dallas down 14 already!
  228. Jets to set embarrassing NFL record?
  229. Chiefs @ Giants
  230. Bush will enter the 2006 NFL draft.
  231. Bucs losing
  232. Let's root for the Pats and Chiefs today!!!
  233. Excessive Crowd Noise
  234. Orange-Out Announced for Detroit Lions Game
  235. Finally -- A writer takes on the "experts"
  236. T-Ho feels used and unappreciated!
  237. Best NFL team, ever.
  238. Detroit negotiating with Jimmy Johnson???
  239. Colts
  240. Saints coach Jim Haslett wants out!!
  241. Darrell Russell dies in auto accident
  242. Bengals Video:
  243. Week 14 Results, Yearly standings, Week 15 schedule
  244. Detroits issues
  245. darren howard
  246. BOO Playbook on NFL Network
  247. Jets' Abraham wants long-term deal or trade!!
  248. Bills to release Moulds at seasons end!!
  249. Saints bench Brooks, Bouman to start vs. Panthers
  250. Playoff Scenarios, Page 2 Style