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    Re: Baltimore wants Cpepp?

    I don't know who is going where but all this talk of C Pep and Smoot being traded makes me think the River Boat fellas are all on the way out. At least the ones going to court.

    I say we can do...
  2. Re: Still don't think a stadium brings in money?

    That's just it the economic impact for that area say in 10 years would be huge. With more of a retail sprawl then just a Stadium. I think the public has to back it. More jobs, more housing, more...
  3. Re: Culpepper's camp ready to negotiate. What will Vikings do?

    All this is, is a PR blitz. He knows he's gone he is telling the rest of the league that he's out there. There is no way you can come off a season ending nearly career ending injury nearly 3 years...
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    Re: Draft Day Trade Rumors

    I'd get rid of Bennett for a par of Denny's drum sticks.
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    Draft Day Trade Rumors

    I heard some schmo (I think it was Jaws) on one of the ESPN's talking about possible Trade moving the Vikes up WAY UP in the draft. Because Houston has so much invested with Carr and their running...
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