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    Tickets For Sale!!!

    Hey Viking fans!!! I live in South Carolina and have season tickets,
    Since i live so far away from the Twin Cities i can't go to every game.
    So I have to sell most of them.
    My tickets are in...
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    Re: Vikes on NFL Films

    That got the juice's going again i can't wait till july for training camp to start!!!!!!!
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    Re: Say good bye to the horns!

    This is all BS Look:
    Team officials have described the changes as relatively subtle, but the helmet will still feature horns. One of the more significant changes is expected to be the reintroduction...
  4. Re: Dolphin schedule meeting with Vince Young?!?!?!?!

    "olson_10" wrote:

    That just maybe the funniest thing i have read all week!!!!!!!
  5. Thread: Myspace

    by vikesboy2003

    Re: Myspace

    look at mine
  6. Re: Birk pins much of the blame on Upshaw for labor standoff

    "Euphman06" wrote:
    Come on dawg don't u ever say that I am not a viking fan and that i am just a Moss fan. All i have to say is how many people do u know that have season tickets that live in...
  7. Re: Birk pins much of the blame on Upshaw for labor standoff

    allright well just have too see how many ganes your Harvard Grad will play this season. But I don't care what you'll say if he was to become a packer today I would have to say I wouldn't really...
  8. Re: Birk pins much of the blame on Upshaw for labor standoff

    "Euphman06" wrote:
    I would invite him to go into into the ring with me BUT oh yea he always hurt !!! The only two real complants I have with him is the fact that he did what he did last season with...
  9. Re: Birk pins much of the blame on Upshaw for labor standoff

    Who in the F*** made Birk the spokesman of the team!!! He is one of the biggest idiots on the team always putting down other people last season and he wasn't even out there. If Mr. Birk was suppose...
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    Re: The Next Troy Williamson!!

    "PurplePeopleEaters89" wrote:

    Dude that was funny, But Chad Jackson would be the next T-Will if he faked injuries Or have people say that he is a game changer and in result during your rookie...
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    Re: The Next Troy Williamson!!

    No they are wrong!!!! I must say, there will be another case like the Vikings taking a WR at number 7 when they need big play linebackers and O-Line. And still the two or the many things the Vikings...
  12. Re: Colts Lock Up Wayne For Nearly 40 Million

    That seems like a lot of money to me when the colts could just go ahead and sign alomost any other reciver off another team for almost half of that. I don't know if it's me but reggie dosen't really...
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    Re: I saw Jamal Lewis in the airport!!!

    I didn't ask to take a picture with him because it was like 5:00 oclock in the morning and i know if i were to be asked to take a picture with someone at that time i wouldn't be happy. And for all...
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    I saw Jamal Lewis in the airport!!!

    I saw him on monday leaving Vegas. We passed in line and i said to him "Come to the Vikings" Then Jamal said back to me that there where he wants to go. Later on saw him again and said, "Dawg we...
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    Re: Vikings Aggressively Shopping CPep .....

    Lets see hmmmmm....... The vikings trying to get a new stadium that means that fans need to come to the games right. Now for the next question WHO IN THE HELL ARE THEY GOING TO COME AND SEE play...
  16. Any body thinking about going to the draft READ THIS!!!!!!!!

    I went to the 2004 draft and the 2005 draft. The 2004 draft i thought that me and my family we could just get in line at 7 oclock in the morning the day of to get tickets BUT...
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    Re: Vinking Neon Sign
    got mine back in early November it looks great in the Viking Room in my house.
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    Re: Zigi Informative speeh info needed.

    "singersp" wrote:

    Naw not quite just looking for some other views
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    Zigi Informative speeh info needed.

    In my public speaking class we have to give a speech on anything that we want and since the Vikings run through my mind as much as woman and cars i'm doing mine on Zigi Wilf since took over the...
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    Fred Smoot Sleeping good tonight!!!

    Well at least Fred will get a good nights sleep knowing Da Bears gave up more yards to Steve Smith than he did. LOL The whole game I just kept saying to my dad after every Steve Smith catch boy we...
  21. Re: Anybody going to the Ravens Game?????

    my parents will be in section 113 row 13 and i'll be in section 113 row 25 we'll have to meet up.
  22. Anybody going to the Ravens Game?????

    Hey just wondering if anybody is going to Ravens game on sunday. Me and my parents are going were driving up from South Carolina.
  23. Two Tickets to Da Bears game 4 Sale!!!

    I have two tickets for sale to the game on the first. I can't go because i have to work. Tickets are in section 204 row 14 seats 20 and 21. I am just asking price for them 107 dollors with...
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    1 Ticket For Sale!!!

    I have one Ticket For Sale to the Rams Game on december 11th and also 1 more for the Steelers Game on December 18th. The ticket is for sale in section 204 row 14 seat 21 the price is 48 dollors...
  25. Make an offer for 3 Browns tickets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Make a Serious offer for 3 tickets

    I have 3 tickets to the Browns Game on the 27th the are in section 204 row 14 seats 19,20,21. My tickets are 48 dollors face Value. email me an offer if you...
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