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    Re: Smoking Kills Historic Viking

    The town I live in is now smoke free. I do not smoke and I do not want to be around those that do. However, If someone wants to smoke, that is their choice to make and I respect that decision.
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    Re: Alan Page Story on NFL Network Now

    Alan Page is a class act.
    He has defined success for a football player after football.
    He attended college to learn and play football.
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    Re: Does Michael Vick Run too much?

    Vick is an exciting player that has brought fans back to attending Falcon games, so he has NFL value.

    During some games, his passing is very poor and he gives the Falcons little chance to.

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    Re: What position is the weakest?

    The Vikings need a great linebacker.

    I would also like to see a solid RB that will averaged 1,200+ yards a season. The Vikings need a balanced attack on offense.
  5. Re: Anyone want to see Vince Young as our next QB?

    Here in St. Louis, The Rams went with Jamie Martin as the backup then he had to step in as the starting QB and he was below average and the Rams season was lost. Vince Young could be as good as Jamie...
  6. Re: Anyone want to see Vince Young as our next QB?

    "vikes09" wrote:
    Vikes09: How do you KNOW that Vince Young will not be good in the NFL? Doesn't Vince Young have to play in the NFL first, fail, and THEN be deemed as not worthy of the NFL?
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    Re: Vick kicked off team!!

    Marcus Vick provided alcohol to 14 and 15 year old girls, not just selling booze to kids.

    This defines the type of person the Vikings are to totally avoid.

    Goes to show how stupid a football...
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    Re: Changes Next year?

    Is a division championship too much to ask for? Or should we "glad to make the playoffs" with an 8-8 or 9-7 wildcard spot and then get quickly eliminated.

    The Vikings have a long way to go until...
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    Re: Our new coach should be...

    I live in St. Louis and all I have to say about Martz is that he has issues. He seems to do well if he has the best OL, QB, and RB in the league which he did for a few years. HOWEVER, if he has to...
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    Re: Anyone else feel...

    Good point. It is 56 here today and we had only one 2" snow (gone the next day). Yes, the winters are very long in Minnesota.

    I did watch the playoff game to the end. I just wanted to se if the...
  11. Re: Steelers fans better than Vikes fans?

    For me, it really comes down to I still don't know what to think of Mike Tice. He makes statements and does things that makes you think that he isn't that bright. Then again, a lot of the Vikings...
  12. Re: Baltimore will be a tough nut to crack

    ltrey33: you lost me. How can you go into a deep depresion on Christmas Day over a football game?

    Enjoy your day at the game! Merry Christmas.
  13. Re: Steelers fans better than Vikes fans?

    Del Rio: The reason Tice used bad judgement is that he received the tickets for free as a part of the NFL Management team. This is a breach of good faith to the owners who expect coaches to support...
  14. Re: Steelers fans better than Vikes fans?

    ltrey33: I agree with your comments for this topic. Yes, people that have the disposable income, or worse yet, get free tickets from business are acting greedily by throwing money away instead of...
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    Re: Game time changed

    Good News! I get to see the Vikings in St. Louis. Yes, this game is the second game of the doubleheader on FOX.

    The Vikings will be on the next two weeks! Now that is a sign of improvement.
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    Re: Anyone else feel...

    whiteviking24: Sorry for the late posting. I was refering to the playoff game of a few years ago, NY Giants beat the Vikings in The Meadowlands by the score of 41-0. The Vikings were so weak, the...
  17. Re: Tice unhappy with Vikings ticket scalpers

    Mike Tice scalped free tickets for years. He has no right to judge others for the same action. He thought it was right and enjoyed the profits.

    Shaming others after you have taken your gains is...
  18. Re: Baltimore will be a tough nut to crack

    The Packers looked pathetic. The Packer secondary looked and played like they could care a less about being on the field.

    The Ravens win was ridiculously easy.

    The Vikings will be a tougher...
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    Re: Anyone else feel...

    This was the game to define the Vikings...and..well...they just aren't that good.

    It is best to be out of the playoffs than to just make it as a wild card and get destroyed by a score like 41-0,...
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    Re: Why does local press HATE Vikes

    It is a trend in Sports Media throughout the USA. Here in St. Louis, the Rams bashing is overdone. I have heard and read the same style tin many cities. It's easy to write bashing stories. This...
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    Re: Steelers Fan in the House

    I'm not a Steeler Fan but I do recogonize they have been a solid football franchise the past few years. I respect that they stick with Bill Cowler. He STILL is one of the younger coaches in the...
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    Re: I want Ragnar GONE!

    It's all entertainment and at some games, we need a laugh for the big bucks we arw paying for tickets.

    The Viking mascot during the Metropolitan Stadium days would just walk around or just stand...
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    Re: Nice run here, Vikes fans...

    lambeausouth: I agree with you, come playoff time, I really enjoy the NFC North doing well. The National Media is down on the Midwest teams because its not a big ratings draw, so more the incentive...
  24. Re: Vikes will earn their R-E-S-P-E-C-T !!

    whiteboy: Great use of graphics!

    Dome Ball: I'm not a fan of it and yes it is a much different style of football than outdoor football in the winter.

    Just ask the Colts: This year they NEED...
  25. Re: FBI Won't Pursue Charges In Vikings' Boat Scandal

    I think the FBI needs to focus on catching murderers, rapists, tax evaders, and politicians who lie and steel. Now that would take up all their time.

    Just like politicians need to focus on how to...
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