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    Re: Bennett-less Vikes

    The field was not well suited to a running game as it had rained very hard just before the game, as for the punting Bennet was inconsestant which also could be the result of a very wet field. The...
  2. Thread: Kleinsasser

    by dan3ski

    Re: Kleinsasser

    Thanks this is the first article I have seen on Klienny.
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    Re: Mike Tice phone interview

    Don't forget Udeze had his shoulder worked on, Klienny is still rehabbing, Bennet was banged uped at the end of the season. Moe got hurt last year and the list goes on.
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    Re: Carl Eller did Coke???

    It was said the if the Vikings were losing a game at halftime Eller would destroy a locker. He did quite a bit of coke so much so he was hired by the NFL to run their drug program.
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    Mike Tice phone interview

    I was watching NFL Europe and Tice did a phone interview during the game. He said the defense was much improved with free agency and that the team chemistry was very good. the announcers said the...
  6. Re: Anyone who has espn insider...Troy Williamson Article

    I have the Pro football Weekly for june and Willianson is on the cover. The article says he will be brought along at a speed that will be comfortable to him. Over all they say he has a big upside...
  7. With the sale of the team what will happen?

    This sale could be good it could be bad! Will the coaching staff be left intact?. Will the new owners upset the balance of the team? The sale is to be completed in June, training camps open in July...
  8. Re: Do you think the Vikings can win the Division?

    Don't forget there must be leaders on the field as well. This is the year Culpepper must step up and run the offense. I also have another fear that with all the changes on defense again that there...
  9. Re: Do you think the Vikings can win the Division?

    Well I will say one person see things as I do. I have no confidence in Mike Tice as a head coach. I have yet to see the leadership on the field that the Vikings must have to win the Division. Then...
  10. Re: Do you think the Vikings can win the Division?

    I am hoping they will but the whole division is getting better I think and as much as I hate to say this never count out a Farve lead team.
  11. Re: Ricky williams has "desire" to come back to NF

    It should be a year suspension.I also think he should be banned for life if he fails just one test.
  12. Re: Ricky williams has "desire" to come back to NF

    I need to see proof that he can pass any and all drug tests. Then he needs to to be punished for his failing so many tests.
  13. Do you think the Vikings can win the Division?

    With all the new players and another new co-ordinater do you think this will be a good year for the Vikings to win the Division.
  14. Re: Ricky williams has "desire" to come back to NF

    I think he just needs more money for his habit! He would much rather live in his dream world than the real world. I for one have no use for this pitiful excuse for a human being.
  15. Thread: One Day Test

    by dan3ski

    Re: One Day Test

    I don't like it
    Also you might just leave one room for all viking talk including drafts and trades
  16. More, More, More. How do ya like it? How do ya like it?

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:

    just remember 7-8-9. lol
  17. With the absence of Moss, let me re-emphasize...

    Moore needs to learn his blocking assignments and that is a major reason he is not the "starter" when all backs are heathly. He is young and if he can start picking up his blocks he will be a very...
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    Is Tice a good teacher?

    While I feel Tice is good in the draft I do feel as a teacher and leader on the field he is just plain lacking. I also say that Catrell looks like he wants to lead this team. So my biggest question...
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    E.J. named backup

    EJ basically needs to learn, that he needs to work off the field too. He didn't study at all, and was unable to lead our D. That is why cowart was brought in to start. Cowart is still a d@mn good...
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    How much money we got left

    What i am saying is to leave that much room so the Vikings can pay the rookies and have room for next year as well. This is a team that is in a major rebuilding mode other the GB I do not see a team...
  21. Should Congress get involved in policing pro sports?

    In my opionion congress should not get involved unless it somehow concerns national defense. I feel they have no right doing what they have done to baseball this year and we need to send letters to...
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    How much money we got left

    You must leave money in the cap remember the draft is comming and the Vikings will have 2 first round picks and that costs money. I think the Vikings will need about 15 million to cover the draft.
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    What makes a great pass rush?

    I live in Denver and even Champ Baily got abused here because the defensive line could not pressure the Qb.
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    Anybody worried about cohesion?

    In this age of free agency it is something we have to put up with. The teams players do not matter as much as the system. This has been the case for over twenty years now. Point in case we will see...
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    Well looks like they want to not have people buy thier products. Times are getting tough and these are items are not necessary.
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