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    Re: Ebay seller, what a joke..

    "Caine" wrote:
    [quote]"VikingNed" wrote:

    People DO appreciate it, especially if you're a regular seller.

    When I used to sell a lot on Ebay, I'd try and cut shipping to a bare minimum. Like...
  2. Re: 6-Year-Old Minn. Boy Brings Pot to School

    What a crazy world. In a similar story here in Pennsylvania. I 29 yo man went into an Ace hardware and walked out with $180 worth of tools that he intended to sell for drug money. When the employees...
  3. Re: If college football teams were simpson characters...

    "cajunvike" wrote:

    If your ever near Happy Valley on a Penn State football Saturday, drop me a line Cajun. I'm sure that I could change that whole perception that "college football sucks". Some...
  4. Re: Question: Who is the best Vikes punt returner of all time?

    My pick would be AC also, but Eddie Payton was on the brink of stardom.
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    Re: Bush Number 5?

    "Ltrey33" wrote:
    I agree totally. I love the NBA reference. Reggie needs to grow up and realize...
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    Re: Regrets about Culpepper

    I have to agree with singer, I don't think the coaching staff made much impact on his progress. I think alot of what we saw and didn't see was Daunte getting by on his natural abillity. He was one of...
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    Re: CFL needs to honour NFL bans

    singersp, I never assume anything. It's just my opinion that the NFL is the premier sports league. I base it on the fact the the salary cap has balanced the competition level in the league to the...
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    Re: CFL needs to honour NFL bans

    I personally couldn't name 5 teams in the CFL. If your a fan of the NFL, you follow the premier sports league in all the world. If they need to have the scraps to field a team north of the border let...
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