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    Kluwe to sue Vikings

    Kluwe got the boot because he wasn't good enough, the fact he waited till he was gone to bring this up makes it look like sour grapes. However I don't understand why the coach was being deliberately...
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    Rejected uniform designs from 2003

    The home jersey of these designs looks like a bad Chargers rip off to me. The black jersey and shorts IMO do not go with the socks or the purple helmets, so I don't think we missed out there. With...
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    Kevin Williams to Sea Chickens

    If they sign any more former Vikings they would be as well changing their uni's to purple.
  4. Richard Sherman will grace cover of 'Madden 15'

    Richard Sherman will grace cover of 'Madden 15' -

    Hopefully this will see the introduction of post match interviews, where pressing Left Trigger & Y will make your player go off on an...
  5. Norv Turner wanted Browns to sign Matt Cassel in 2013

    Norv Turner wanted Browns to sign Matt Cassel in 2013 -

    Reading the article the feeling is mutual with Cassel signing a new deal when he knew Norv was coming. Hard to see Teddy or Ponder...
  6. Hi and welcome to the site, I'm in the same boat...

    Hi and welcome to the site, I'm in the same boat as far as seeing a home game. I always thought I'd make it to the dome one day but finances never allowed. At least I made it to London last year and...
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    A little news

    Sleepless nights, a lot of crying and having to deal with poop. Yep being a Vikes fan is never easy! J/K congrats, glad to hear everyone is doing well.
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    Metrodome Urinal Troughs Auction

    Make great sinks......
  9. Sad news to pass on to my fellow PPOers

    I'm gutted for you mate, it's hard to find the words to say... All I can do is let you know my thoughts are with you.
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    5 teams that should move already.

    Jags have 3 more "home" games to play in London over the next 3 seasons. Their owner also owns a soccer club there (Fulham) so It wouldn't surprise me if they moved eventually.
  11. Vikings select RB Jerick McKinnon in 3rd round

    I'd rather have someone who knows how to play a position rather than be statistically a great athlete. Webb being a case in point.
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    We had to get a QB, Bridgewater has as much...

    We had to get a QB, Bridgewater has as much chance of success (or being a bust) as any of the others. I'm being optimistic, you have to get one right sooner or later! Hopefully Cassell doesn't turn...
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    Not all that long ago Teddy was generally regarded as the best QB of this draft class because of his performances on the field. At the end of the day that's the place where it really matters, right?
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    Freeman Was Done Wrong By Vikings

    The real story of what went on with Freeman may never be told but I'd like to know who thought he was ready to start THAT game and when it became painfully obvious he wasn't ready, why wasn't he...
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    Jared Allen sign with Bears!!

    I guess they needed someone to replace Peppers, I just never thought it would be JA :(
  16. No Fun League Bans Crossbar Dunk Celebration

    Lambeau leap still legal tho.
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    Vikings Sign Captain Munnerlyn

    Lets hope this Captain is more America than Smoot.
  18. Great move! I think out of all the realistic QB...

    Great move! I think out of all the realistic QB possibilities there are for us right now, Cassel is the best option.
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    Sidney Rice to be released...

    Have one really good season, sign a big contract then become a liability due to injury. A case of history repeating.
  20. Darren Sharper a suspect in seven alleged rapes

    Innocent till proven guilty obviously,
    but if has committed the crime he deserves all that he gets (probably 30 years).
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    Incognito. Would you sign him?

    Let somebody else deal with this soap opera, I'd pass.
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    Jared Allen trade?

    Although I could see why it made sense to let him go I'm glad he's staying. The one handed sack last week was one of the few highlights of the year for me. I'm sure all the people who bought the new...
  23. Let's start a new QB every week and at the end of...

    Let's start a new QB every week and at the end of the season we pick a winner.
  24. The stupidity of "We got behind and had to throw the ball.."

    For me it depends on the personnel involved. The top rated passing teams can go one dimensional because of the talent they have to make plays regardless of what the defence do. When we abandon the...
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    New Vikings uniforms for 2013?

    I'm sure most people know by now that some of the number combinations with the new font just look wrong. It's funny though how the numbers 2+8 and also 6+9 are perfect together, coincidence?
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