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    Re: The Best Quarterback?

    If only you guys could say the 3time NFL MVP, superbowl champion Brett Favre. Oh yeah, soon to own all NFL QB records. I guess if I couldn't pick Favre I would have to go with Tark. Lets go...
  2. Re: So now that THAT matter of business is taken care of...

    I really think that the pack will continue what they started last week. Favre is just too damn good for them not to be competitive. The vikes do worry me a litte....kind of like a dog that has been...
  3. Thread: Bring back Moss

    by jaaz

    Bring back Moss

    Well guys this is ugly. I'm a green and gold fan but I know what you must be going thru. I really don't think that Moss should be brought back as overall this was a good trade.....great for the...
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