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  1. Green Bay Fans Pissed

    NFL jersey pitch gets Packers fans peeved | ProFootballTalk

    this makes me laugh, Green Bay fans crying about them not having a D in their QB name on his jersey, everyone knows their is no D in...
  2. New Group Will Oversee Vikings Stadium

    New group will oversee Vikings stadium | ProFootballTalk
  3. 336 WE DID IT! The stadium bill has passed in...

    WE DID IT! The stadium bill has passed in both the House of Representatives and Senate and, once signed by the Governor, will make the construction of a new publicly-owned stadium for the State...
  4. Friday is D Day for our new stadium Deal here is how you can Help


    Please take a few moments and contact the Minneapolis City Council asking for their support and yes vote on Thursday and Friday. If your schedule allows please plan on being at Minneapolis...
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