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    Re: V for Vendetta

    i heard it was good, i like this quote on it people shouldn't be afraid of they're goverments, its the government who needs to be afraid of their people
  2. Re: Good video coverage of Viking training camp.

  3. Re: Legends Inside Madden 07 HOF Edition

    thats awesome
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    Re: Congratz VKG4LFE on 11,000!!!!

    Now that's passion for your team, 12 grand doesn't look too far
  5. What is wrong with this Criticizm of the vikings ?

    Hey guys, I am confused about this article from a guy on
    Here is the link Offseason Report Card

    I dont agree to it, the people in Baltimore will regret losing him.
  6. Re: Dwight Smith agrees to 3 year deal with Vikes!

    If we keep fox, nonetheless we are going to be dominant in the Nickelback. And when you use Nickelback you use one less linebacker so we can be more effective with our linebackers.
  7. Re: My name is Tarvaris ... and I am a workout-aholic

    I like Tarvaris work ethic, thats the reason he is so good, I like his stats in Alabama State, you will too. Little resemblence to Vick's college career

  8. Re: Childress talks about the Vikings

    Okay good point but how about this curveball lol
    After Gruden left, Bill took over the helm, and just like Childress switched from Offensive Coordinator and he lead the Raiders to the Superbowl.
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    Re: Update on Dwight Smith

    It's really complicated if we do get him. But it should be done nonethless. My question would be if we do sign Dwight Smith, Sharper would be moving to Free Safety to Strong Safety but what about...
  10. Re: Childress talks about the Vikings

    Head Coaches do good when they have loaded talent already on the team. Perfect example is John Gruden winning The Super Bowl a few years back with Tampa
  11. How did you become a Vikings fan ?

    I live in the bay area, cali, and I have been obsessed over the vikings since 98. With Raidernation and 49er fans around me my attention was drawn from the vikes. I love the uniforms they had and...
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    Re: Packers own the Vikes

    Is this is a joke, You must be on here because there aren't any Patriots hardcore fans on the web. Like i always told everyone, patriots are a jump a bandwagon kinda team, Brady is a joke, so is you...
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    Re: Vikings are a joke

    Brady2Bitch you really think the pats will do good this year, wow, haven't you noticed your beloved team is losing all of the key players, here is a expert not a fan who has a crush on brady quote....
  14. Re: Vikings | Team showing interest in D. Smith

    Smith ? Whats his first name
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    Re: My World Cup Finals Prediction

    France was impressive against the Brazilians but Germans are way too deep. Argentina is a very good team, and the germans just beat them wow go Germany
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    Re: Madden Draft pictures

    Hey I like that you only post new important threads like pictures of new players in new uniforms on the new madden 07 game, if you are still reading this without looking guess how many times new was...
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    Re: AWZeus's Draft Party Pics

    Cool pictures, seems like your the man to be around with.
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    Re: Jacksons 40 time

    yeah what the other guy said lol,
    He is gonna look good in the new uni's, same for Greenway
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    The positions to draft tomorrow

    Alright let's finish the draft strong, some of you actually majority of you are disappointed with our first draft day picks, it's okay, it's how you finish thats important. Remember LB Thomas from...
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    Re: Draft Party 2006

    Heineken or Budweiser ? pick one and I'll bring two kegs of it j/k
    Lets get shitfaced
  21. Re: Woman spanked at work awarded $1.7 million

    Oh crap, I better stop slapping my female co-worker's. Oh wait no I dont, I am attractibe j/k . That skid from SNL with t. brady
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    Re: Childres's first flop

    I dont understand how a fan can jump the gun saying childress is flop so far. To say that, that shows how much he or she knows. With that mentality do us all the favor dont post anything. Why do you...
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    Re: QB Tavaris Jackson

    possible of him being the black big ben or brady. Hoping he will not be like culpepper or vick, suprisingly more like johnson, why you ask, well because like big ben and brady, they are flashy...
  24. Re: Which new vikings jersey will be the most popular ?

    Thanks for your opinion's, it seems Koren Robinson wins in a landslide, but with williamson & sharper in near sight, which I am picking. I am suprised that most stores dont have winfield due to him...
  25. Which new vikings jersey will be the most popular ?

    Which player's jersey will be sold the most with the new jersey design, like someone said before in one of the threads, it looks good on slim players but not on heavy set players. Not sure if it...
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