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    Re: Why does local press HATE Vikes

    I live in Dallas and trust me, the press here can be brutal. I just heard this guy on the radio giving coach Bill Parcells an "F" for his 3 years here so far. He said, anyone could take Jerry Jone's...
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    Why I think MN can win it all

    This might sound a bit crazy, but here are the reasons I think we can go all the way this year:

    a. Turnovers. We are nr. 2 in the NFL in interceptions, and we are very high in overall turnovers....
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    Re: Roethlisberger's gimpy thumb

    I'll take the win, and the media can say whatever they want... :lol:
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    Re: Roethlisberger's gimpy thumb

    Yep. It is like the pre-injured hand Kurt Warner vs. the one who played after the hand injury: night and day. I don't think Roethlisberger's hand is that bad, but I think it does make it harder for...
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    Roethlisberger's gimpy thumb

    Found this today, about Roethlisberger's bad thumb. He was making some really bad throws in the Bears game last Sunday too.

    Can you say "Kurt Warner"...
  6. Re: This is how we stack up against the STEELERS

    I think the more "open" this upcoming game gets, the better it is for us. If I was the Steelers, I would try to keep the ball down (against a secondary that is second in the NFL in interceptions),...
  7. Re: CPep finally speaks on a variety of topics.

    Some say C-pepper can't play again. But some said a 260-pound QB couldn't play in the NFL, and he showed them otherwise. I think Culpepper is a unique QB in this league and I am sure he will return....
  8. Thread: Jerk

    by StillPurple

    Re: Jerk

    At least the Atlanta game back in 1998 (NFC Championship Game) wasn't your birthday !! It was my 33rd birthday that day, and I was living in Germany. Went out to the U.S. Army base with my Vikings...
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    Re: Steelers Fan in the House

    I think if the Vikings score first and get a bit of a lead, it could be really tough for the Steelers. The way for the Steelers to win it is to control the clock and grind the ball out. The way for...
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    Re: Steelers Fan in the House

    I am looking forward to our Viking receivers torching that hippie from the Pacific Islands out there in the Steelers secondary. What is his name again, Touaouaouaoupouliauaou ?? Can't wait to see...
  11. Re: Vikes discussion on Mike&Mike today (ESPN)

    I tend to agree with you guys. I think the Vikings in the "Terrordome" are very, very hard to beat. One of the toughest gigs in the NFL is to come into Minneapolis and beat the Vikes. The crowd will...
  12. Vikes discussion on Mike&Mike today (ESPN)

    I heard Mike (Golic) and Mike (Greenberg) talking about the Vikings this morning on ESPN radio. Some of the things they said:

    - The Vikings have surprised themselves with the win streak. Each game...
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    Re: Pat Williams will get owned as usual...

    So far, the Steelers have looked solid, but they had to fight to beat the Bears at home, and trust me, our Vikings offense at home is about 10 times better than the Bears. And isn't Roethlisberger...
  14. Re: Steelers will be a true test of Vikings' mettle

    Word. :grin:
  15. Operation Stop the Bus

    To me, the upcoming game vs. the Steelers comes down to one thing: stopping the "Bus" (Bettis) on the line of scrimmage. If we can do that, we can make the Steelers one-dimensional, and I personally...
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    Re: Rams vs. Vikings predictions please......

    I see the Vikes dominating this game. On offense, I think that Fitzpatrick or whatever their 3rd-string rookie QBs name is, is going to be rushed and flustered, not to mention not being able to hear...
  17. Re: Efficient Johnson pacing Vikings' turnaround

    There are several things I really like about Brad Johnson:

    - Quick read. He reads the defense while going to the line, while snapping, and while backpeddling.

    - Quick release. Unlike some QBs...
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    Re: Vikings Climb in Power Rankings

    I love the fact that we have the same record now as the Dallas "Cows" and Atlanta. SWEET !

    To be honest, the power rankings is kind of bogus, because all you have to do is knock off one of those...
  19. Re: What boat?Vikings put problems in past during winning st

    ... on the other hand, I think anytime you win on the road, it is a good thing, especially the Vikings.

    We just need to take care of business now at home. I think we can do that. :grin:
  20. Re: What boat?Vikings put problems in past during winning st

    It also occurs to me that we don't have to answer questions about the "Vikings collapse" - when we usually start out 7-1 and then fade in December. It seems to me like we started out slow, and are...
  21. Re: Edjerrin James in a Vikes jersey next season

    With Michael Bennett and Ciatrick Fason and Mewelde and maybe even Moe Williams returning and even Ontarrio "Wizzinator" Smith returning, why would we need yet another running back ? I don't get it...
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    Re: Keys to beating the St.Louis Rams

    I can't see the Rams winning this game. Their defense is way too bad. On offense, when Fitzpatrick is running the offense, I just don't see them moving the ball against us. Those receivers still...
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    Re: Game ball @ Lions

    Michael Bennett...
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    QB situation: Phillip Rivers (??)

    The thought occurred to me, could the Vikings go after Phillip Rivers in the offseason ? I mean, I am not saying it is a good idea, but given C-pepper's injury, and Brad being 37, might it be a good...
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    Re: who wants pep to return?

    I think it is unfair to compare 5 games by Brad vs. 5 years with Culpepper. I mean, remember when Culpepper started, there was no film of him, so he threw all over defenses. I think as soon as the...
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