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    Bursitis will hurt your grip strength and you...

    Bursitis will hurt your grip strength and you will throw ducks all day. I have tried playing with it before and it just doesn't work. He would be able to throw super slow floaters at best and not be...
  2. Re: What is wrong with this Criticizm of the vikings ?

    for some reason alot of people still think bennet was a great back, i am extremely glad that i'll be watching taylor instead of bennet
  3. Re: Outside the division,who are our conference and nc rival

    giants. and definently the bucs. didn't they ruin the perfect season
  4. Re: The Minnesota Vikings Have A Difficult Road Ahead

    last year they we're supposed to be the #1 team in the NFC, 10 bucks says that someone wrote a similiar article about the steelers at the beginning of last year
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    tampa 2 or minnesota 2

    i was talking to my brother and we decided the the great "tampa 2" was missnamed. i was only a teenager when dungy was in minn. but i remember that they played alot of cover 2. and the defense was...
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    Re: Questions with Bob: Mike McMahon

    i hope i don't get to see him play this year, but i felt the same way about BJ at the beginning of last season.
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    any news on d-line

    has there been any thing about the health of the line. wasn't james and udeze banged up at the end of the season. i have only seen news about the mlb position and tj.
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    Re: Jackson proving a model student

    i was driving thru bama last week and their sports show was interviewing him, the kid sounded real hungry, all he wanted to do was learn the pro game and wait till he gets his chance, he wants lo...
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    Re: Nickname for Childress

    i always thought brad johnson looked like opie taylor
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    Re: The worst movie you have ever seen thread

    the dang NOTEBOOK anything named after school supplies sucks, rachel mcadams helped a little though
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    Re: Don't forget about "Me"welde

    he should be kept for his special teams abilities too, i just like the little guy, starter no. but he should definently be on the team.
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    Re: T Jackson video

    when people say it looks like he was playing against high school teams, do they not realize that his team is on the same level. he didn't play for a div 1 school against div2 schools. honestly it...
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    Re: Contract talks started with McMahon

    i have given up on predicting how backups will play, to many have turned out to be allstars and the rest have been bust's. it's just to hard to say how he would play behind a full team of starters. i...
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    Re: It's official...Ryan Longwell Signed!

    i liked edinger to but how many times can a guy get a fieldgoal blocked in one season. i'm just glad that we don't have a roundhouse kicker anymore. it seems like he took to long to boot the ball....
  15. Re: Trading Culpepper Would Be Colossal Mistake

    he not only didn't have moss last year, he had nobody, nate was weak all year. and wiggins was by far the only place he had to go. if k-rob would have had more playing time at the beginning the team...
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    Re: Brees to Vikings????

    chris sims, would be the guy i would go after, i think he would be alright with more than one talented reciever and the bucs won't be able to match any offer. i would keep DC if it was my team though
  17. Re: Is Anyone Else Worried About Our Coaching Staff?

    i say it's a good thing that childress has worked with or knows all the offensive coaches, i think it will help everyone come together much easier. as far as tomlin goes i hate the bucs but that...
  18. Thread: Goodbye!

    by tampaviking

    Re: Goodbye!

    this support for the military brings tears to my eyes. my dad use to send me newspaper clipping's when they we're 6-0, we barely got any nfl news at all at first. but you should be able to keep up...
  19. Thread: Tampa 2

    by tampaviking

    Re: Tampa 2

    the bucs are going to have to dish out 20 mil for the two of them next year, and Gruden never has much good to say about Rice. and they are also saying that Brooks is getting old. it is just like the...
  20. Re: Lovie Smith Named AP Coach of the Year....

    you would think it would go to a guy that led a well round team, Dungy or Holmgren should have won it.
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    Re: Ur-LUCKY NFL Defensive MVP

    it is so hard to belive that a guy on a team with no offense would get the defensive MVP. i guess when you spend 40 minutes on the field you get more chances to make tackles.
  22. Re: Culpepper to start...but what i feard would happen...

    maybe i am confused but the long ball did give us a 2-5 record, and the short ball got a 7-2. it seems like the eagles have had a killer offense for the past few years. i personnely would rather see...
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    Re: Bennett Or Lewis

    if the vikings keep O. Smith, i think he will be the starter next year, of the two guys to pick from though i would take bennet. and let fason do the bruising and bennet to the outsides. his speed...
  24. Raiders to let Moss go at the end of the season

    I am looking for proof of this, on the local radio station down here they talked about this for atleast a segment. Supposedly the raiders are not happy with Moss's numbers and they are willing to...
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    Re: Tice, knee get in the game

    how many times did tom capers come out on the field arguing a call, just pointing out the obvious
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