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    Re: Get it over with.

    "We need a new stadium" or, alternative for our younger crowd:
    "BTW, R House sucks"
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    Re: Get it over with.

    "I told you all we should have keep Fran Foley"
  3. Re: Vikings go through drills -- and plenty of ice

    Can anyone say Les Steckel. Remember that stuff. I dont think I am ready to classify this camp the same way because I think Childress is smarter than that. I figure they will back off a little this...
  4. Re: Mel Gibson arrested on suspicion of DUI

    "Potus2028" wrote:

    I agree with Potus, Gibson made a movie about Jesus. He never said he was Jesus. He who is without sin may cast the next post.
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    Re: July 28 Morning Practice Photos

    Thanks TheCol for the pictures. Keep up the good work.
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    Re: Wilfs looking in LA

    Looking at this thing from a distance (virginia), I would say that I wouldnt blame him for looking at other options. What developer wouldnt after offering 1 Billion of his own cash and getting told...
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    Re: Greenway signs

    The poor Greenway Signs company will be wondering why they had so many hits today. They will probably expect more business to head their way and will probably go out and buy new computers and stuff....
  8. Re: Ever wonder what happened to Armen Terzian

    Does anybody here know who threw that bottle?
  9. Re: Ever wonder what happened to Armen Terzian

    I dont know what happened to him...but I am sure that his disapperance has somehting to do with Harold Reynolds being fired.
  10. What is acceptable to purchase from a Packer fan?

    Okay, real issue here. I am looking to upgrade my directv system to a HD DVR in my living room. I looked on the Directv website, and of course, no deals for existing customers. So, I go on ebay, and...
  11. Re: Vikings | Team showing interest in D. Smith

    Let me get this right....we are looking to sign a safety that isnt good enough for the saints..................why was he cut anyway? As I remember, he had a huge signing bonus and a couple years...
  12. Re: Smashed in the mouth with a 10' pipe!!!!!

    Bloody: thats sucks. sorry that happened. When I was a kid, I fell over the front handlebars of my bike and bit the street with my front tooth. I broke off quite bit and they actually replaced the...
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    Re: In need of a Strong Safety

    I'm not looking for someone to marry my future daughter. I looking for someone to help us win.[/quote]

    If you, partywithsmoot, you may have a daughter sooner than you think.
  14. Re: Actually I'm glad we got rid of the Focker

    SOD........steal of the draft...I dont think so
    WOT........waste of talent.....without a doubt
  15. Re: Sign if you are a vikings fan not from minnesota

    Lynchburg, Virginia
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    Re: Best KFAN dude:

    Paul Allen is the best and most entertaining. I listen over the internet during football season and its a great time. Loses are easier to take when they do "Rainy days and Monday's always get me...
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    Re: Ranking NFL owners

    A new stadium and a winner on the field will do wonders for ranking charts like this one. Give the man time.
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    Re: Chester has versatility.

    I have always said that he couldnt play tackle. I am glad this is confirmed now. Thanks Prophet!
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    Re: What is the best way?

    I would say lay low and let the season speak for itself. Chances are that your co-workers already know this guy is a windbag. Just make sure that you save the newspaper clippings to leave on his desk...
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    Re: Can YOU pass the citizenship test?

    85%....says I can stay. thank goodness........a couple trips to Eastern Europe and one to Brazil makes you appreciate this country. Not that any of them are bad, and I am not saying I wouldnt go...
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    Re: My big deck

    "coreyd" wrote:

    They make all kinds of products to protect your deck. Many varieties of sealers and preservatives to protect your deck from the elements. So, dont be reckless, be smart and...
  22. Re: Congregation plans to protest soldier’s funeral

    "westvirginiavikings" wrote:

    Right wva...they could say it was God's judgement against ignorance.
  23. Re: Congregation plans to protest soldier’s funeral

    Why would God punish/kill soldiers for acts of others...granting for a moment that God would actually do that. Wouldnt it make more sense for God to eliminate/destroy the actual people involved in...
  24. Re: I wonder where VikeBabe is tonight???

    "cajunvike" wrote:

    Nothing like a night at home relaxing on the deck.
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    Re: My big deck

    "cajunvike" wrote:

    Well, when you havent used your deck for awhile, the idea of having, and being able to use a double deck is unbearable.
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