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    Quote Originally Posted by 12purplepride28 View Post
    He had one decent play (in the preseason I think) and he ended up fumbling right before the endzone. Then he spent the rest of the year on the PS. Just slip an O right in the middle of that and you have his receiving skills if he can't crack our starting lineup.
    Well, our coaching staff is fantastic at identifying talent so I can believe he sucks. Remember McNabb? They thought he could play. Maybe he couldn't crack the lineup because our staff doesn't have a clue. He made more than one play in the preseason. He actually played as well as Aromashodu in preseason, but shodu has NFL experience and got the nod.
    Why must you defend everything this FO the point of making your self look like a yes man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marshallvike View Post
    Well, our coaching staff is fantastic at identifying talent
    If you want to take the sarcastic angle of how our coaching staff cannot identify talent and that is the reason he is on the PS, then you have to accept the fact that that same crappy coaching staff "found" him.
    I am NOT here to provide good football insight or rational observations. I am an emotional 19 year old Viking fan and I expect you to adjust your expectations from my posts.

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