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    The difference in value between the 3rd and 8th pick is roughly equal to the Dolphins giving us their 2, 3 AND 4. We'd really like to trade back tho, so maybe, we'll take less. What I'm hoping for is their 2nd this year and next! Sure, they'd be out of 2nd rounders, but they have 2 thirds this year and next due to trading Marshall to CHI. OR perhaps, their 2nd this year and one of their thirds this year and one next year...maybe even their later third this year and earlier one in 2013.

    Draft Countdown - Trade Value Chart

    2nd round picks are golden because there is still a lot of talented options available, and their contracts are much lower, giving a much needed boost to a team like us who are pretty much walking the salary cap tightrope and still have more holes than pegs.

    As mentioned, at 8, we can still get Reiff, or whichever of Blackmon/Floyd falls, and then we've got two high 2nds to address the LT/WR we didn't get in the 1st AND, a top Safety (or LB or DT or CB) prospect!!
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    I would think if a trade is going to happen it will happen before draft day, everyone knows that picks 1 and 2 are locks.
    The Vikings will keep saying they are open to offers to keep everyone else from making deals.
    In the end I think they will draft Kalil.
    I think if they want to acquire more picks they will likely trade the 35th overall pick. Should be lots of interest in first round talent that is falling to the second round.
    As usual we have to wait and see what happens.

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    Can not wait for the draft!.. FWIW I think, like Jake, we will stay at 3 and draft Kalil.

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