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    I thought we were getting younger as a team. If they let people go like EJ Henderson or Shiancoe yet they sign Sage I don't get it. They need to get their heads on straight.
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    C'mon you guys, don't you know Sage is going to take us to the Super Bowl???

    Yes, that was sarcasm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba Jed View Post
    I thought we were getting younger as a team. If they let people go like EJ Henderson or Shiancoe yet they sign Sage I don't get it. They need to get their heads on straight.
    We are going younger. Sage is not a starting player.
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    He's third string, getting a minimum contract, and knows the system and personnel. Not too many guys that fit that description.
    Who would have been a better fit?

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    I wonder if we'll also have to bring in Bill Parcels to fix his mess.
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    Really a non-issue. If we, or any other team for that matter, get to the third guy they're screwed anyway. Actually quite a boring signing. We will continue to to play fourth fiddle in the division until we get a GM who knows what he's doing.

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    The Vikings just love to continually throw millions of dollars at this guy to ride the pine.

    $2 mil in 2009
    $375,000 for 5 games in 2011
    $1.45 mil in 2012
    $1.45 mil in 2013

    And he hasn't thrown a single pass or even handed the ball off once since the Vikings signed him in 2009. Hell, he hasn't even so much as taken a knee for the Vikings.

    Ponder has had as many starts in his rookie year than Sage has had in his last 6.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Mac D View Post
    I know, I get it. I agree.

    But still, it's just frustrating to see Spielman sign the SAME GUY HE'S BEEN SIGNING SINCE HE WAS GM IN MIAMI. It's insane, the guy just doesn't learn from his mistakes. The Dolphins had to bring in Bill Parcells to clean up his mistakes.
    One good thing about the Chiller, he didn't think Sage was anything other than a guy Ricky boy drug around.
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