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    I don't think you guy understand how much pressure a good offense puts on the opposite team. Yes the defense picked up in the playoffs but that can be for a couple of different reasons:

    1) Additional film of what the opponent is doing that year.
    2) Players are more focused on their jobs and not whats is happening next week etc.

    When you have a great offense you force other teams to try and adjust to you

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    Quote Originally Posted by midgensa View Post
    It is definitely true that all of these defenses are better than their regular season numbers indicated. But, talking about their postseason "ranking" is also kind of ridiculous.

    There are only 12 teams in the postseason (so the teams ranked #3 and #4 that were pointed out are not that special). Of the 12, at least 4 only play ONE GAME and at least 4 play no more than TWO GAMES. Those are hardly fair sample sizes and can be easily twisted by out-of-normal numbers.
    That makes sense right there.

    How many points or yards will a defense give up if they are one & done as compared to a team that makes it all the way to the SB? Typically, the team that plays more games will have a defense that gives up more points & certainly will have given up more yards than the one & done team. Ergo the one & done team may falsely appear to have had a better defense. Then there's the teams that get the 1st round bye as well.

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