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See my comments in purple above
HUGE reach! Totally uncalled for at #35, still a reach at #66. Probably still there in the 4th. Productive in college, but will probably be much less so in the pros.

Just because he tore his acl? Some players come back from torn acls and had a productive career like Dan Marino, yeah he is a quarterback but it is a example

Again a huge reach. Projected as a 4th to 5th rounder. Way too early.

If the Vikings draft him and he becomes a elite safety for the Vikings since Joey Browner, you would not think he is a huge reach

Would be nice if he lasts until the top of the 4th, but his stock is rising...probably late 2nd to 3rd rounder now.

Maybe but the way the draft goes every year, there is suprises, look at Everson Griffith, not expected to fall to the 4th round but he did....

First, it's Arkansas State. 2nd, the 45th rated OLB according to PFW's draft rankings. I don't think so....

Rankings means nothing

Way late on this guy. Projected to late 2nd/early 3rd.

Anything can happen in the draft

A second DT? And only the 35th best one according to PFW? Still, I could see this pick if we didn't take another DT somewhere in the draft.

Again rankings mean nothing and if Mike get hurt then Tydreke can fill in for him

Please tell me why we need to draft a center

Because the offensive line sucks