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    Quote Originally Posted by seaniemck7 View Post
    The Rams pick will be interesting. Do they take Kalil? In the past three years they have invested a 2nd and 1st round picks on Tackles in Peters and Saffold. Now they have not played all that great, but will they take another T? If I were them I would trade the pick or take Kalil, but Fisher might think he can develop the yound ones and the team.

    Do they take Blackmon? Last year they took WRs Pettis and Salas in rounds 3 and 4 respectively, and they played fairly well for rookie WRs and Bradford hurt.

    They could probably use Claiborne, but CBs don't get drafted in the top 3 picks usually.

    So really I see the Fisher taking Kalil or auctioning the 2nd pick for teams hungry for RG3.

    If the Rams do take Kalil, i hope we trade the pick move back for extra picks.
    You never know what is going to happen on draft day, but I could easily see the Rams trading back with Cleveland for their two 1st round picks,(an even trade by draft value chart). That would be the best possible move for them, as they may not think they need a QB so they would still be able to draft whoever they want and pick up a second high pick. Cleveland will likely be afraid of us trading out of #3 if they do not trade with St Louis and will miss out on RGIII. They could gamble on waiting to trade with us as that would cost them less, maybe a 1st and 2nd,(+140 for us). But they would also be gambling that Washington would not jump them with a better offer if they are desperate for RGIII. Washington would have to really wow us with an offer to drop back to their spot. I want Kalil more than any player in the draft, but we are in a great position to capitalize if the Rams decide they really want him. Either way, draft Kalil or drop 1 or 2 spots and pick up an extra high pick I will be very happy. (I am counting on Spielman not fudging this up)
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