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    In the words of Paul Allen, 2012 is the year of Christian Ponder. My feeling if that is the case, we better get him some weapons.
    I agree with getting him some protection first. If you are scraping your QB off the turf every snap all the WR in the world will mean nothing. It takes time for a WR to get into his pattern. If Ponder has someone in his face 3 seconds after the snap or blind siding him, well..........................


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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    You can if you want to, but Cleveland's GM already knew what was offered to the Vikings by another team & came back to them with a better deal.

    Vikings had another trade offer on table, Cleveland Browns GM insists -
    How do you suppose they knew?

    You don't have to anoint this guy a genius, but he does deserve some credit for taking advantage of the position he was in.

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