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    18 Vikings To Hit Free Agency


    Vikings Free Agents 2012: 18 Players Set To Hit Market This Offseason

    Vikings Free Agents 2012: 18 Players Set To Hit Market This Offseason -

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    Its going to be interesting to see whats going to happen with no increase in the cap in the upcoming season and how other teams also hand issues.

    Steelers have already release 2 player (Battle and McFadden) and resturctured 2 contracts (Woodley and Timmons) to chip 11.7 mil off their 25 mil overage

    Steelers clear $11.7 million with Timmons, Woodley restructurings | ProFootballTalk

    Also heard some rumblings that the Giants will let Manningham go so they have more room to give Cruz a new deal.

    Not too sure where the Vikings sit with cap space in the upcoming season but there could be more bodies change rosters this year as teams try to sort things out again.

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    I hope we resign the Henderson brothers. It wouldn't hurt if we resigned Shiancoe either.
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