"Packers_Own_Vikes" wrote:
yea u guys really think ur gonna trash the pack just like you did last year? its never gonna happen, and even though the packer does have a horrible d-backs, im sure well still get about 5 picks with the way culpepper is absolutely horrible, and im calling it right now all ur gonna see is favre driver and green running all over the field against the vikes

Yeah, we f*$#@ed your team up....Brett Favre looked like he was gonna cry after the game....you must feel pretty stupid..... :lol:

As for you braggin about yer high school crap, most of us are in college or adults, we don't care; if u wanna fight about it, fine with me...the last fight I got into, I punched a kid once in the side of his head after he missed me with his punch and he was bleeding outta his earhole and went to the hospital.....but ya know, I wouldn't do that cuz yer Caine's beeyotch....