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    Re: Who's going to Green Bay?

    I am thinking about it, but everytime i go we lose. I sure would hate to hex anything...

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    Re: Who's going to Green Bay?

    "cajunvike" wrote:
    "midgensa" wrote:
    "cajunvike" wrote:
    I have a pickup truck full of trash in the truck bed...could you swing by and haul it out to the garbage dump that they call Lambeau for me? Much obliged! LOL
    Hey Cajun, I work until like 10 that night, but can probably get out around then ... you gonna be anywhere watching the game? Maybe Ill catch up for the second half
    Tell me where you wanna meet...and I will make plans to meet you there! Maybe Pologirl wants to join us as well...I'm thinking that we should probably meet somewhere near where you work...start thinking about sports bars near you that might be options...Stars and Stripes (in Crystal City) is DEFINITELY a Vikings bar (according to Pologirl), so if that is near you, that could be a good option.
    I work in Alexandria on Edsall Rd., so I am right next to 395, I think that Stars and Stripes sounds like a possibility. I will even ty to get out of work early, but I will probably be stuck here until 10 ... Stars and Stripes sounds like a plan for now though ...

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    Re: Who's going to Green Bay?

    John Madden will go on and on and on and on and on and on, about how:

    a. Fav-ray is a "real NFL quarterback", plays hurt (like he is the only NFL player), gets mud on his jersey, plays with heart. You will hear Madden say the following at least once: "... that is what Favre does, because that is what an NFL quarterback does".

    b. How Lambeau (is that a French name, just wondering...) is a "real stadium", etc. bla, bla bla...

    Final: Vikings 31-Packers 17.

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    Re: Who's going to Green Bay?

    uhh i cannot stand madden and his ass kissing to farve. we get to hear 4 hours of it. yeehaa. i hope we get up early and pick him off numerous times. then say hes really great madden, idiot.
    "when you talk about shannahan's offensive you are talking offensive"
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