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    What are Packers fans doing here?

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    What are Packers fans doing here?

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    What are Packers fans doing here?

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    What are Packers fans doing here?

    The reason many Packers fans visit this website is because the webmaster of this site wants them to. Go to the front page of this site ( Right click anywhere on the page, select 'view source', and you will see the following meta tags:

    content="Minnesota Vikings, vikes,Mike Tice, Michael Bennet, Randy Moss, Vikings, Minnesota, Minneapolis, purple, pride, purple pride, PACKERS SUCK, GREEN BAY, NFL, National Football League, Football, MN Vikings, jokes, pictures, postcards,, vikings gifts, etcetera. (oh, and Cris Carter too!)
    See, meta tags define the contents of a website. They contain a brief description of the information held on a website. This then allows a search engine to read the meta tag to gather the information about the webpage. If you use meta tags in your website code it greatly increases the odds of people finding your website.

    So, having Packers related meta tags in there also attracts Packers fans looking for more stuff to read about how frigging awesome their team is doing this year. They come to this page wondering why anybody would have 'Packers suck' or 'Trash the Pack' listed. Then some of them stick around long enough to *iss you guys off. See, this site is wide open to anybody. If you publish something derogatory about the Pack, wouldn't you expect to get it back?
    A simple fix to limit the amount of Packers fans coming here would be to take these particular meta tags out. Voila!
    In no time at all, this site's forum would consist of nobody but Viking fans stroking each other and dreaming of better days, which are sure to come.
    The webmaster is well aware of this. Yet he continually bashes Packers fans when they post articles. Maybe he has an abusive personality, I don't know.
    Go Packers!

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