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    This week's Headlines....


    Lambeau is 'Steal' City

    Look Out Below!

    Not even the Bears Suck this bad!

    Packers Pummel Themselves,
    Steelers Watch in Amusement

    Pack'er up for the year

    Packers Give Fans Sundays Off


    Pittsburgh 'Stealers'; Turnovers Lead to Loss

    Sherman turns Lambeau into Four Seasons, 'Visitors' Always Welcome

    Sherman: 'Walk-Ons Welcome'

    Steelers Drop The Curtain on Packers Season

    Who Are These Guys In Green and Gold?

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    Re: This week's Headlines....

    Pack'er up for the year

    thats the best one. and

    Sherman: 'Walk-Ons Welcome'

    poor packers. good thing i hate them.
    We're bringing purple back.

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    Re: This week's Headlines....

    Being in the newspaper business, some of those are really good and some of them a little stale.
    I really like "Pack'er up for the year" and think that Pitt-iful is pretty good

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