"smoot2boot" wrote:
Now if only the media guys like Joe Buck, Collinsworth, and Chris Berman could get off Favre's nuts for 10 seconds!
I think Berman and Favre are engaged....at least the way he talks about him....I hate it when Berman tries to make his cheezy catch phrases like a two bit Madden. Like when he says "the forzen tundra of Lambeau Field" every week the Packers have a home game....c'mon douche bag, its not Frozen Tundra...its Wisconsin, not Alaska...and to boot, he'll say it on week one when it is still sunny in the summer....what an idiot! He also loves the Giants...he's gotta cheesy catch phrase forthem as well.....I hate Joe Buck...in fact F*** Buck! I should make bumper stickers!!!