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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!

    I heard this on the local news last night, this is a complete joke and the best thing about it is Favre saying "Just because you have one good year doesnt mean you can start to demand a bigger contract"

    More than Moss hahahahahahaha, give me a frickin break
    Walker remove head from A$$ then think you jackass

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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!

    Happy Camper,

    What is the image in your Avatar area anyway? I assume it has some meaning, what is it?

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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!

    Let's see 22 Tds in three seasons. Hmmm, that warrants and huge contract. Let's put this in comparison. Moss had 17 TD's as a rookie, won ROY, led his team to a 15-1 record and the NFC championship game, had over 1,000 yards and he played out his rookie contract. Hmmmm, interesting. Javon you are a joke. Put up another 4 years at what you've done in your third year, and you may get a contract somewhat below what Randy's was, but don't ever try to get what he got!!

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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!

    as far as I am concerned, he should be paid mosslike money. let those cheese heads deal with cap problems later

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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!



    Thank you Josdin for the sig

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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!

    HA! nothing else to say....


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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!

    I love this crap, anything that keeps the Cheese -er - I mean Potheads down on the ground and Favre running to the medicine cabinet makes me smile.

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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!

    It's that damn agent of his. Hopefully the NFL will ban that plague. He fills these players' heads with crap then they start demanding rediculous amounts of money, if they don't get it, they sit out. It's pathetic, it really is.
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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!

    Just dont resign him and make a statement that the packers, nor any other NFL team is going to cave to demands like that. He is an average starter, he does not need more money.

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    Re: walker askin for more money than moss?!?!?!

    that agent of his just fills players minds with trash, that guy is good at manipulating people to do and say what he wants, that is why rosenhaus is so successful. also javon walker had one good year and thats mostly becuase of the other receivers so he was open more often so he got a lot of yards. walker is in no way in the top 10 receivers in the league, there are receivers out there that are way better than him here are the receivers that are better than javon walker.

    Abney, Derek, Baltimore Ravens
    Adams, Charlie, Denver Broncos
    Aiken, Sam, Buffalo Bills
    Alston, Richard, Cleveland Browns
    Armstrong, Derick, Houston Texans


    Baker, Eugene, Carolina Panthers
    Bannister, Alex, Seattle Seahawks
    Battle, Arnaz, San Francisco 49ers
    Bellamy, Ronald, Miami Dolphins
    Bennett, Drew, Tennessee Titans
    Berlin, Eddie, Chicago Bears
    Berrian, Bernard, Chicago Bears
    Black, Nathan, Washington Redskins
    Boerigter, Marc, Kansas City Chiefs
    Boldin, Anquan, Arizona Cardinals
    Booker, Marty, Miami Dolphins
    Boston, David, Miami Dolphins
    Brackins, Larry, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Bradford, Corey, Houston Texans
    Bradley, Mark, Chicago Bears
    Bragg, Craig, Green Bay Packers
    Branch, Deion, New England Patriots
    Broussard, Jamall, Cincinnati Bengals
    Brown, Antonio, Washington Redskins
    Brown, Reggie, Philadelphia Eagles
    Brown, Troy, New England Patriots
    Bruce, Isaac, St. Louis Rams
    Bryant, Antonio, Cleveland Browns
    Burleson, Nate, Minnesota Vikings
    Burress, Plaxico, New York Giants


    Caldwell, Reche, San Diego Chargers
    Calico, Tyrone, Tennessee Titans
    Campbell, Kelly, Minnesota Vikings
    Carter, Drew, Carolina Panthers
    Carter, Jonathan, New York Jets
    Carter, Tim, New York Giants
    Cash, Ataveus, New York Giants
    Chambers, Chris, Miami Dolphins
    Chatman, Antonio, Green Bay Packers
    Cherry, Matt, Cincinnati Bengals
    Chrebet, Wayne, New York Jets
    Clayton, Mark, Baltimore Ravens
    Clayton, Michael, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Colbert, Keary, Carolina Panthers
    Cole, Chris, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Coleman, Michael, St. Louis Rams
    Coles, Laveranues, New York Jets
    Copper, Terrance, Dallas Cowboys
    Cotchery, Jerricho, New York Jets
    Crayton, Patrick, Dallas Cowboys
    Crowder, Tom, Dallas Cowboys
    Currie, Airese, Chicago Bears
    Curry, Ronald, Oakland Raiders
    Curtis, Kevin, St. Louis Rams


    Darling, Devard, Baltimore Ravens
    Davis, Andre', Cleveland Browns
    Drummond, Eddie, Detroit Lions
    Dwight, Tim, New England Patriots


    Edwards, Braylon, Cleveland Browns
    Edwards, Troy, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Engram, Bobby, Seattle Seahawks
    Evans, Lee, Buffalo Bills


    Farris, Jimmy, Washington Redskins
    Ferguson, Robert, Green Bay Packers
    Finneran, Brian, Atlanta Falcons
    Fitzgerald, Larry, Arizona Cardinals
    Fleck, P.J., San Francisco 49ers
    Floyd, Malcom, San Diego Chargers
    Francis, Carlos, Oakland Raiders
    Furrey, Mike, St. Louis Rams


    Gabriel, Doug, Oakland Raiders
    Gaffney, Jabar, Houston Texans
    Gage, Justin, Chicago Bears
    Galloway, Joey, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Gardner, Rod, Washington Redskins
    Gardner, Talman, New Orleans Saints
    Gessner, Chas, New York Jets
    Gibson, Fred, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Gilmore, Bryan, Miami Dolphins
    Givens, David, New England Patriots
    Glenn, Terry, Dallas Cowboys


    Hackett, D.J., Seattle Seahawks
    Haddad, Drew, Buffalo Bills
    Hall, Dante, Kansas City Chiefs
    Hamilton, Derrick, San Francisco 49ers
    Hamilton, Lawrence, Arizona Cardinals
    Hankton, Cortez, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Hankton, Karl, Carolina Panthers
    Harrison, Marvin, Indianapolis Colts
    Henderson, Devery, New Orleans Saints
    Henry, Chris, Cincinnati Bengals
    Herzing, Adam, Detroit Lions
    Hill, Darrell, Kansas City Chiefs
    Hill, Kahlil, Buffalo Bills
    Hilliard, Ike, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Hoag, Ryan, Minnesota Vikings
    Holt, Torry, St. Louis Rams
    Horn, Chris, Kansas City Chiefs
    Horn, Joe, New Orleans Saints
    Houshmandzadeh, T.J., Cincinnati Bengals
    Howry, Keenan, Minnesota Vikings
    Hunter, Javin, Carolina Panthers
    Hymes, Randy, Baltimore Ravens


    Jackson, Darrell, Seattle Seahawks
    Jackson, Frisman, Cleveland Browns
    Jackson, Nate, Denver Broncos
    Jackson, Vincent, San Diego Chargers
    Jacobs, Taylor, Washington Redskins
    James, Cedric, New England Patriots
    Jenkins, Michael, Atlanta Falcons
    Johnson, Andre, Houston Texans
    Johnson, Bethel, New England Patriots
    Johnson, Bryant, Arizona Cardinals
    Johnson, Chad, Cincinnati Bengals
    Johnson, Kevin, Detroit Lions
    Johnson, Keyshawn, Dallas Cowboys
    Johnson, Patrick, Baltimore Ravens
    Johnson, Ron, Chicago Bears
    Jones, Brandon, Tennessee Titans
    Jones, C.J., Cleveland Browns
    Jones, Mark, New York Giants
    Jones, Matt, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Jurevicius, Joe, Seattle Seahawks


    Kelly, Kareem, Chicago Bears
    Kennison, Eddie, Kansas City Chiefs
    Kircus, David, Detroit Lions


    Lee, Charles, Arizona Cardinals
    Lelie, Ashley, Denver Broncos
    Lewis, Derrick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Lewis, Greg, Philadelphia Eagles
    Lewis, Michael, New Orleans Saints
    Lloyd, Brandon, San Francisco 49ers
    Looker, Dane, St. Louis Rams
    Luke, Triandos, Denver Broncos
    Lyman, Chase, New Orleans Saints


    Madise, Adrian, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Mann, Maurice, Miami Dolphins
    Marshall, Rasheed, San Francisco 49ers
    Mason, Derrick, Baltimore Ravens
    Mathis, Jerome, Houston Texans
    Mattos, Grant, Denver Broncos
    Maxwell, Marcus, San Francisco 49ers
    Mays, Lee, Pittsburgh Steelers
    McAddley, Jason, Tennessee Titans
    McCants, Darnerien, Washington Redskins
    McCardell, Keenan, San Diego Chargers
    McCareins, Justin, New York Jets
    McCoy, LeRon, Arizona Cardinals
    McDonald, Shaun, St. Louis Rams
    McIntyre, Jeris, Kansas City Chiefs
    McMullen, Billy, Philadelphia Eagles
    Merritt, Ahmad, Dallas Cowboys
    Milons, Freddie, Cincinnati Bengals
    Moore, Clarence, Baltimore Ravens
    Moorehead, Aaron, Indianapolis Colts
    Morant, Johnnie, Oakland Raiders
    Morey, Sean, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Morgan, Quincy, Dallas Cowboys
    Morris, Sylvester, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Morton, Johnnie, Kansas City Chiefs
    Moss, Randy, Oakland Raiders
    Moss, Santana, Washington Redskins
    Moulds, Eric, Buffalo Bills
    Muhammad, Muhsin, Chicago Bears
    Murphy, Frank, Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    Nelson, Ben, Minnesota Vikings
    Newhouse, Reggie, Arizona Cardinals
    Newson, Kendall, Miami Dolphins
    Northcutt, Dennis, Cleveland Browns


    Osgood, Kassim, San Diego Chargers
    Owens, Chad, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Owens, Terrell, Philadelphia Eagles


    Parker, Eric, San Diego Chargers
    Parker, Samie, Kansas City Chiefs
    Parrish, Roscoe, Buffalo Bills
    Pathon, Jerome, Seattle Seahawks
    Patten, David, Washington Redskins
    Perry, Tab, Cincinnati Bengals
    Pinkston, Todd, Philadelphia Eagles
    Ponder, Willie, New York Giants
    Poole, Nathan, New Orleans Saints
    Porter, Jerry, Oakland Raiders
    Price, Peerless, Atlanta Falcons
    Proehl, Ricky, Carolina Panthers
    Pyatt, Brad, Indianapolis Colts


    Randle El, Antwaan, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Reed, Josh, Buffalo Bills
    Rice, Jerry, Denver Broncos
    Ridgeway, Dante, St. Louis Rams
    Robinson, Koren, Seattle Seahawks
    Robinson, Marcus, Minnesota Vikings
    Roby, Courtney, Tennessee Titans
    Rogers, Charles, Detroit Lions
    Ross, Micah, Carolina Panthers
    Rubin, DeAndrew, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Russell, Cliff, Cincinnati Bengals
    Russell, J.R., Tampa Bay Buccaneers


    Sam, P.K., New England Patriots
    Scott, Gari, Washington Redskins
    Shepherd, Edell, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Simmons, Sam, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Smith, Jimmy, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Smith, Jonathan, Buffalo Bills
    Smith, Richard, Kansas City Chiefs
    Smith, Rod, Denver Broncos
    Smith, Steve, Carolina Panthers
    Smith, Zuriel, Dallas Cowboys
    Stallworth, Donte', New Orleans Saints
    Starling, Kendrick, Houston Texans
    Stokley, Brandon, Indianapolis Colts
    Stone, John, Oakland Raiders
    Swinton, Reggie, Houston Texans


    Taylor, Jamaar, New York Giants
    Taylor, Travis, Minnesota Vikings
    Terrell, David, New England Patriots
    Thompson, Derrius, Miami Dolphins
    Thorpe, Craphonso, Kansas City Chiefs
    Thrash, James, Washington Redskins
    Thurman, Andrae, Green Bay Packers
    Tolver, J.R., Carolina Panthers
    Toomer, Amani, New York Giants
    Tyree, David, New York Giants


    Urban, Jerheme, Seattle Seahawks


    Vines, Scottie, Detroit Lions


    Wade, Bobby, Chicago Bears
    Wallace, Taco, Seattle Seahawks
    Walter, Kevin, Cincinnati Bengals
    Walters, Troy, Indianapolis Colts
    Ward, Hines, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Ward, LaShaun, Oakland Raiders
    Warren, Paris, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Warrick, Peter, Cincinnati Bengals
    Washington, Kelley, Cincinnati Bengals
    Watts, Darius, Denver Broncos
    Wayne, Reggie, Indianapolis Colts
    Welker, Wesley, Miami Dolphins
    White, Dez, Atlanta Falcons
    White, Roddy, Atlanta Falcons
    Whitted, Alvis, Oakland Raiders
    Wilford, Ernest, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Williams, Harry, New York Jets
    Williams, Mike, Detroit Lions
    Williams, Reggie, Jacksonville Jaguars
    Williams, Roy, Detroit Lions
    Williams, Roydell, Tennessee Titans
    Williamson, Troy, Minnesota Vikings
    Willis, Jason, Seattle Seahawks
    Wilson, Cedrick, Pittsburgh Steelers
    Woods, Rashaun, San Francisco 49ers


    Young, Walter, Pittsburgh Steelers

    Walker, Javon, Green Bay Packers

    and he is at the bottom cause he is trash
    I don t buy Wisconsin cheese.

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