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    viqueens getting used to blowing

    This is year number two on this purple peeter board. It's the same old, same old. Except maybe dummyfied with the adddition of Hawaiian_tike. And the team doesn't look (but that can be deceiving ) as promising as two years ago. Holy Shiit, talk about how you're gonna help turn this once proud franchise around to where it should be! McCombs needs to go man, you know that. Get yourselves a new stadium. A nice one.Viqueens belong to MN. Period. Need an example? You merely look east. Come on there is something to learn there unless you're ignorant. Why do I care: Because you're in the division, be it at the bottom most of the time.

    hey it's Johnny, or Vinny, VinnyL, and some other pseudo who's name I can't remember.

    please follow the link below.

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    viqueens getting used to blowing

    "I used to think I didn t want kids, what with the demons and all...but the difference between a kid and a demon is that a kid won t eat the soft parts of your face while you sleep"

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    viqueens getting used to blowing

    Only in Wisconsin (Dairyland) would they don swiss cheese and call themsleves cheddar heads.

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    viqueens getting used to blowing

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