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    Viking fans cheer up

    Vikings/Packers this sunday at home.
    With Packer fans crying..... it's to loud in our dome.

    You can say what you want about Tice, Pepp.... even the love boat.
    But I still believe in what the writer's wrote.

    You said we were going to be the best in the NFC.
    And just because you think were down, doesn't change me.

    I will wake up on Sunday... fired up like we are 5-0
    Beause the Pack's in town and it's time to go.

    Your line is no good and Harris with his hair can't even see.
    And before you know it....... Vikes 14 Pack 3

    Green will fumble, Brett will attempt to pass
    And a Sharper blitz will have Farve on his @ss.

    So Packer fans say what you need to say and tell a sex joke
    Cause Sunday your team is going to choke.

    When it's all said and done and the games in the clear.
    Will have given to you worse then one of those stripper's in the rear.

    I love this team, the coach and it's home.
    And Sunday's ass kicking will be in the dome.

    So Viking fans cheer loud and give all you must.
    Because despite what you think this team will not bust.

    And for every fan who has been down.
    It's time to cheer up, the Pack's in town.

    So put on a smile................. lace up your britches
    Cause on Sunday we will make the Pack our bitches.

    *****To every Viking fan out week on this web page all I want to hear about, is not who should be fired or how we made mistakes, I want to hear the 1 thing I wait to hear all year, How the Vikings whipped the Packers @ss, you all feel me ?????

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    Re: Viking fans cheer up

    Vikes win this Sunday ... doesn't change the overall situation in the organization. So, when I call for heads to roll next week also, no matter the outcome of this Sunday ... still means heads need to roll ... You feel me???

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    Re: Viking fans cheer up

    Not at all, just because we start 1-4, doesn't mean we can't finish 10-6....Time will tell.

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    Re: Viking fans cheer up

    If winning isn,t everything,why keep score?

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    Re: Viking fans cheer up


    dude, face it, both our teams suck

    how can the Packers choke today? They are on the road, 1-4 and aren't a very good team. Vikes are in the same boat(no pun intended) as the Pack are, but they are at least playing at home, so you should be favored

    it should be a good game between to crappy teams


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    Re: Viking fans cheer up

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    Re: Viking fans cheer up

    we got it done. wow.
    We're bringing purple back.

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