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    the stereotypical packer fan

    while at the vikings-packers game last sunday, i noticed the walking definition of packer fan.

    he was sitting a few rows away from me. he was exactly like one would picture a packer fan: a large stomach, rather big, yellow teeth. someone farther down in the packer fan's row ordered a beer. as the guy's beer is passed to the packer fan, he takes a drink. the guy noticed this and started yelling at the packer fan.

    as it was getting closer to the end of the 3rd quarter, when they stop selling beer, the packer fan's friend left to go to the bathroom. while he's away, the packer fan orders 5 beers. yes, FIVE. the packer fan's friend comes back from the bathroom, and said "oh, good! you got us some more beers!" and the packer fan says "whatchu talkin about, these are for me!"
    I aint seen nothin like that nowhere I never lived.

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    the stereotypical packer fan

    Get rid of the packer fans and Wisconsin would be a great place to live.

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