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    Re: Puck the Fackers!!!

    "Rockmolder" wrote:
    "chillys" wrote:
    "Rockmolder" wrote:
    "Mr-holland" wrote:
    "Rockmolder" wrote:
    [quote author=BloodyHorns82 link=topic=52845.msg1000972#msg1000972 date=1254257208]
    [quote author=Zero2Cool link=topic=52845.msg1000952#msg1000952 date=1254255771]
    That's a nice win you had ... with our QB.
    Speaking of picking up players off your rival's scrap pile...How is Koren Robinson working out for you?
    Nearly the same magnitutde. Lol.

    And I beg to differ. I'm pretty sure that Rodgers could've made that throw. I think that if you let both make that throw quite a few times, they'll have about the same succes rate. Only Rodgers won't go down considerably later on.

    He's not playing all season with that Oline of yours.
    I don't see Rodgers as a clutch QB, he lacks the experiece
    12 - 9, My fellow Dutchman, 12-9. You're really not doing that much better in the sack department. We're leading the league. You're nr. 4. We'll see how both work out. Hoping for a signing here.

    Rodgers has taken our team back far more often than with the one win that he's credited for. That play in Chicago was pretty clutch. Not like Favre's, but it came close. Same for last years loss against Carolina. They score on us, Rodgers drives the team down the field, scores, and the defense gives it all away on one play to Steve Smith. Iconic for the way we went down in so many games last year.
    Ohh, okay... but you lost, right? An "L" instead of a "W"?

    Rodgers is about to get blitzkrieged and the dome is going to be louder than a drunk packer hooker... good luck

    God Save the Chilly!!!

    And the 1998 Vikings where a bad team because they didn't win a Super Bowl.

    How bout those 98 Packers....

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    Re: Puck the Fackers!!!

    "marstc09" wrote:

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