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    Preseason game 1 thoughts

    Still way too early to get any hopes up about how good/bad the Vikes/Pack will be. Now, having said that...y'all can take the following with a large grain of salt. LOL



    Had Daunte not made the poor decision of throwing into triple-coverage, his rating would be near perfect.....considering this was only after slightly more than a quarter of playing time, I'd say his 80% completion percentage, 120 yards, and TD is something to be at least mildly satisfied about. Frerotte...well, let's just hope, IF he's called upon, that he plays like last year, and not like last game...LOL

    The running game needs some work, because we can't keep using the excuse that there was one specific O-lineman out of play (Birk), so that's why 2 of our top 3 RBs only managed 14 yards on 8 carries.

    Speaking of the O-line...ZERO sacks allowed.

    I won't be losing any sleep about our WR corps...opposing Defensive Coordinators on the other hand.....hehehe.....well, they better be buying stock in whatever anti-indigestion products they can get their sweaty palms on.

    Our Defense? Seven sacks is seven matter how you Packer fans like to slice your cheese wedgies. Hovan needs to get a sack SOMEtime this preseason, or his jersey just may start to collect some dust in my closet during the regular season. No INTs, which I would've liked to see, but when the frontline is causing that much havoc, I can wait until next game for the 2ndary to make some picks.

    Special teams is really the only major concern I have at this point. I'd like to see OUR guys make it past the 30 more often, and less of other teams doing it against us. Hopefully, also, Elling will get out of whatever funk it is that he seems to be in. A 51-yarder is difficult for just about all the kickers out there, but is NOT wanting to bite my fingernails in a nervous frenzy everytime we try a 30+ yarder too much to ask? LOL


    Packers: (only saw the 2nd half of the game, so bear with me)

    Favre better NOT go down to injury...'cause Tim "Bench" Couch certainly doesn't seem like the answer if he does... Pederson may be your best bet as 2nd string. Oh least none of your QBs turned the ball over with INTs...kudos...well, Bench had his fumble...I mean Couch...damn...

    RBs.....THIS was the same group that was voted as "best" in the League??? Eh...

    The O-line allowed 6 sacks.

    WR corps didn't look like much to write home about...were they better in the first half?

    The D-line managed 1 sack, and there were no Packer INTs. Maybe if McKenzie had played a couple downs, huh? Oh least you kept the Seahawks under 100 yards rushing...our D-line wasn't able to do that with the Cards.

    Just looking at the stats for the entire game.....damn, Packer fans. All I can say, is you better hope your 2nd and 3rd stringers get better, because if just about ANY of your starters miss any games, you're gonna be in deep cheese.

    Just my take. :wink:

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    Preseason game 1 thoughts

    Sounds about right there RenoVike, but you did forget one major thing!

    God Bless America, & the MINNESOTA VIKINGS!!!

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    Preseason game 1 thoughts

    ok... note before anyone jumps on me about how it doesn't count... I KNOW, but I find it funny that every team in our division won their first preseason game but the Packers! Whether it counts or not a Green Bay loss is always good in my book!!!

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