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Thread: poetry

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    White QBs are my preference

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    'Twas the night of the rematch and all thru Lambeau
    there were Pack fans & queens fans there for the show
    the biqueens- still dizzy from a Mike Vick defeat
    looked proud for their 9 fans who actually got seats

    The temperature loomed a little below freezing
    and the queens, with no dometop were coughing and sneezing
    out came the Pack and ignited the crowd
    and the decible levels reached into the clouds

    The biqueens all huddled for warmth on their side
    came out of the closet & started whistling at the O-line
    Moss prayed to the pot gods so he'd catch his ratio
    pep tossed on the sidelines trying to act like a pro

    The queens fans said,"Their team's no better than ours".
    Most likely out of jealousy that the vikes don't have Favre
    "We beat them in our dome', they said again and again:
    'So that instantly makes our team better than them."

    "It don't matter that they're champs sitting at 9-3,
    & we're eliminated at 3-9, cause we got TALENT, you see.
    The kick was off and the queens got the ball
    & got stopped where they started by a green & gold wall

    Culpepper fades, but the ratio's not open
    so he rushes a yard & fumbles with no one even near him
    both pep and the ball lay still on the ground
    till #42 of the Pack takes it in for the touch down

    After repeated vikes bumbling time in & time out
    the score began to look like a high school game shut-out
    at 4th & 23 the queens punted again
    and the Packers O-line came out to begin

    Another series of 1st downs and 60 yard passes
    rammin' da ball down the vikes throats/shoving TDs up their asses
    so instead of calling truth tellers 'ignorant' & calling Favre gramps
    the queens could only bow in defeat to the inaugural North CHAMPS.

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