"bleedpurple" wrote:
the knock on him from what i've heard is that he just lacked that confidence and killer instinct / intangible that Favre had... so no matter what happened you knew you were still in the game... that's where the drop off came from... in addition to the defense completely having a meltdown!...
A Couple of knocks..

1) In the final 5 minutes of games, neither the offense nor the defense could finish games.. now some of those fall on Rodgers, some on conservative playcalling by the Head Coach protecting his young QB.

2) At times, he held the ball a second or split second to long.. but that is generally the case with youngsters, neither they rocket it out of there as soon as they can or they over examine the play and pat the ball to long.

3) His deep accuracy was a little shaky at times, but a few of those I remember him holding on to long before the throw.. then under throwing them. Too much lift at times causing the ball to hang a bit.. now I had seen him rocket the ball with ease in the same cases, which is why I also point to the indecision at times.

However I don't think it is a lack of confidence issue overall.. kid has great poise for such limited starts at QB, took charge on the field and wasn't scared to make a play. But I will concede that he was tentative to let the ball go at times.. indecision was his worst enemy.

Best analogy I can use when comparing Rodgers to Favre.. From Rodgers you won't see as many "OH WOW" balls, but conversely you will see less "OH SHIT" balls as well.

Rodgers is a disciplined ball manager then Favre, I just hope as he matures he lets loose a little bit and takes a few chances during a game, not with the ratio that Favre did but just a few to keep the defense honest.