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    Packers Mini-Camp Video

    Posted a short minute or so video from Packers training camp on my blog for all to make fun of.

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    Re: Packers Mini-Camp Video

    This sounds promising:

    Perhaps Rodgers should have left the hair alone, as had one of his worst practices of the offseason, although Brian Brohm had a much worse day. Rodgers was having problems finding open receivers and forcing the ball into coverage, causing him to slam his helmet down in anger. Meanwhile, Brohm threw three interceptions during team drills.
    I kind of wanted Brohm on the Vikes so hopefully he turns out to be a bust now.
    Perhaps Aa-rod is like Samson and lost all his powers when he lost his locks.

    And what's up with the Referee in the video at :27?
    Do the Vikes have zebras at their practices?

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