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Thread: Packers/Farve

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    Just thought I'd share a little info, I read in a local paper that the coach for GB honestly thinks they are a better team than last year. For him to say something like that is beyond reality, now I know where their fans get it from. I am so sick of hearing "as long as we have Farve we have a chance." Well you have him and you don't.

    I've lived in Wisconsin all my life and it's one of the best places to live until football season, then the Packer fans come out. I've hated the packers ever since I was old enough to know better. Hey packer fans remember the 80's when you thought 8-8 was a really good year? You like to talk about the past how about this stat: from 1973 to 1994 you didn't even win the division.
    Oh and another thing nice fumble Ahman "the fumble machine" Green.


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