Well I must share that my best friend is a packer fan.

We for the first time started talking football last night.
He has no clue just how depleated the pack have become.

To quote the big, bald, fan from packerland.
"We have no worries" "We are better than last year"
"I mean look at all the great pick ups on our D"

Of course I am like, dude are we looking at the same packer team from the NFL.

I hope this sort of delusion is rampant throughout the inbreed colony known as packerland.
Because it would mean a complete meltdown and disappointment on a large scale.
Nothing is finer than to see him lose win he thinks the pack will dominate.

Like most packerfans he has an IQ of around 83.
You know the type. "Mongo like meat and taters"
"Look at the pretty colors" and that is just at a movie. "Watch water swirl in big plant vase" We call that a toilet Mongo.

Anyway I will spend the day with him today.
I am sure after he has a six pack of "IQ beer"
He mindless chatter will start.
I am going to take a picture of him today and post it.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

I really want him to become a poster child here for not becoming a packer fan.

I should have the post late this afternoon.

webby wasn't sure if this post should be here or in the general NFL.
My apologies if I messed up.