All the NFC North teams did very well with their drafts and pretty much every other talking head has agreed. Kudos to all the teams doing solid research and doing a great job at nabbing solid value at certain points in the draft. Looks like the division is definitely improving all around and could be pretty strong. No more jokes about how weak the NFC North is. Bears have their franchise QB, Pack have theirs, Lions hope they have theirs, Vikings still have a bit of a QB situation but the rest of the team around it is good. Dominant running game, very good front 7

As far as the Pack draft goes, I loved it from top to bottom. The Pack did give up too much to move up to get Matthews but seeing them get guys like Lang/Quinn Johnson and especially Meredith on day 2 kind of eases the loss of their 2nd and two 3rd rounders. Patriots really wanted Matthews themselves and have said as much which might explain why the Pack ponied up 3 picks to make it hard for the Pats to say no.
The players they got should make some sort of impact, whether it be on offense/defense or special teams. Matthews has a chance to start and at the very least will be a monster on ST...which was an area of improvement for the Pack. Hell, their 7th round pick is a lightning quick LBer from Colorado who looks like he'd be a solid addition to the ST and who knows, maybe develops into a decent backup or solid starter.

All I want to see now is the Pack sign another DE available like Kevin Carter or bring Vonnie Holliday back. THey shouldn't cost much and having more bodies on that D-line is never a bad thing. I'm already ready for the season ;D