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    Re: Packers 2009 preseason.


    The bet is official, and there is really no need to worry your pretty little head over such mundane items as the rules.

    I'll just tell 'em to ya'
    ;D as we go.

    PackersHome grew by leaps and bounds over the past nine months or so... but too many lurkers.

    We purged 1100 members about a week ago-- we are what you call a "high-class-boutique" operation, lol.

    Long story involving gameday features at the forum.

    The Grizz is out of hibernation, just this week, and you would be absolutely amazed at his transformation from a crazy semi-troll to a high-entertainment (really) productive member of our forum.
    He "lives" in our back alley, mostly, having so many posts thrown from the main section that he rarely bothers trying anymore.
    We have honestly grown to like him a great deal.
    I don't think Vikes fans would have that kind of success, however, as nowadays the only time he seems to get in "trouble" is when he gets into it with ... some of the guys from here...Again, down in that back alley (largely unmoderated).

    You might not know what the hell this bet is, but it's a good one.

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    Re: Packers 2009 preseason.

    "snowinapril" wrote:
    The Cards looked horrible.
    I just watched the first half of the Pack vs Cards game and they looked bad.
    I think AR's performance was good but after watching the game, I think that some of the credit should go to the Cards.

    Oh ya, it has been said before, but it is only preseason.

    Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie thanks you for not singling him out. He was abused in the first half by Rodgers and his cast of receivers.

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    Re: Packers 2009 preseason.

    I'm really sick about all the talk about the Packers pre-season.
    Look at the teams they played and what those teams did.

    Browns 4-12, can't decide on a QB, even alternated drives.
    Bad team, thus the 0-12

    Bills 7-9, not healthy, Bills first half possessions INT (Buf 37) and Fumble (Buf 5), Punt, Fumble (Buf 41), punt, punt, fumble (Buf 26), punt.
    LOL Bills lost this game, through sloppy play.

    Cards, 9-7, few stats from the game, GB's4 new 3-4 D gave up 32 first downs, again Cards had 7 TO's, and 15 penalties for 96 yds.
    Sure the Cards went to the SB, but it wasn't because of their 19th ranked D.

    Titans, only good team they played, would have been nice to see how their 7th ranked D did against the GB 1st string offense.

    Honestly, I think Rodgers is a good QB, can rack up the yds, but hasn't shown he can close out games.
    GB blamed it on the D, so they brought in their THIRD choice who is a 3-4 guru.
    A system that Kampman, Woodson, and Harris are not all that suited for.
    I'm sure the deceptive nature of Capers system might fool a rookie like Stafford, but Favre won't be.

    GB better stay healthy because their last 5 games are their toughest, BAL, @CHI, @PIT, SEA, @ARI, besides facing the Vikes early.
    IMO they will lose at least 2 if not 3 of these games.
    Unless they go in with a good record, they could risk the playoffs.

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