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    Re: Packer Scrimmage


    Even with Pro Bowl receiver Javon Walker in camp, a scout who has scrutinized the Packers' performance in a recent scrimmage with the Bills tells us that the Pack looked "awful."

    Actually, "f--king awful" was the precise quote, with a twist of "very disorganized."

    Although there's still a long way to go before the season opens, it's not a good sign for a squad that lost a lot in the offseason -- and did little in the way of upgrading the talent. Coupled with the uncertain status of head coach Mike Sherman and the lack of horses to make Jim Bates' defense as effective as it was in Miami, and it could be a long season for the Cheeseheads.

    Then again, folks have been predicting doom and gloom for the Pack prior to each of the past couple of seasons. Meanwhile, they keep finding a way to win the NFC North.

    Still, it could be different this year. Even with a motivated and committed Brett Favre at quarterback, he simply might not have the surrounding pieces to be successful.

    And at could mean that former G.M. Mike Sherman soon will also add the word "former" in front of his remaining title with the team.
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    Re: Packer Scrimmage

    lmao....on the Hall of Fame game last night....they cut to a shot of a Packer Fan wearing the g@y a$$ cheese hat....and he had no clue the camera was on him....and he was sittin there just pickin the sh1t outta his ear....just diggin for gold it was soooooooooo fucin funny....

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